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2022 Official Commanders Training Camp Thread


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1 hour ago, Slappy Mc said:

Good thing he shouldn't be playing press corner for Baltimore. 

I am still very high on the talent and potential that he possesses. I was disappointed he wasnt one our picks. 

That being said, he looked very poor on that play. Hips definitely looked tight and his reaction time was also poor.



hips don't lie latina GIF by Identity

Hips don’t lie! 😂 

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8 hours ago, MikeT14 said:





@MikeT14 yeap this really is becoming more and more of the nightmare and really disheartening. I know I am getting old LO but he did have some kind of surgery doing the off season right.  Sander maybe damage goods but we just have to keep positive and hope we can eventually get some consistent!!!!! good news about him. Seems like he is headed for another injury plague season at least he is certainly starting out on the  wrong path anyway. 

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Even I’ve grown tired of the Curtis Samuel dog and pony show. I can’t stand how Rivera is misleading everyone at press conferences either. Definitely reminds me of listening to Mike Shanahan’s press conferences from a decade ago. 

I’m hopeful that the way they’re treating Samuel is just precautionary but this is very alarming. We’ve since the day Samuel made his big juke move on Juice that everyone loved, he’s been limited in practice which to me is worrisome that he aggravated something when he did that move.

I’m still hopeful he’s good to go week 1 & can ply most of the season but I don’t believe it will happen. We’re really going to have to rely on Dotson to be good as a rookie & Dyami/Cam to be more consistent as our next options I fear bc we won’t be able to count on Curtis to suit up every week.

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