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2 hours ago, JAF-N72EX said:

I'm more shocked that some of you still take PFF serious.

One thing I've noticed with fans of PFF is that they will buy into their garbage whenever their grades match what they want to hear, but then shoot it down the minute it doesn't.


I'm not a fan of PFF and think don't even really buy into the stats...how to you score .8 for example? Makes very little sense...I do however recognise that the fact they even know Simmons' name probably suggests he has done something to stand out...the cut up below shows some impressive blocks...he's 6-5" 310lbs with 35"+ arms who seems to have some raw potential and athletic upside...not many guys walking around like that.

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Coley was probably the most consistent DL in preseason. 

Gotta think he was just a cap casualty. Releasing him now saves 800k but if he's on the main roster for week 1 then his 1.1M salary becomes fully guaranteed.  It wouldn't be a smart investment seeing as how he most likely wouldn't even see 30% snaps this season. They can resign him after week 1 for about the same price w/o the fully gtd money.


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4 minutes ago, AZBearsFan said:

I mean, I guess you need a PS QB, but God forbid he ever has to see the field…

I’d rather they take one of the released young QBs and develop them as a potential backup on the PS than use Peterman. Someone like EJ Perry maybe. 

Monty has thrown a pass or two right?

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