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so, this whole "no coordinators thing"


How is it gonna work out?  

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  1. 1. How is it gonna work out?

    • A disaster! The team will be a laughingstock and Bill will resign in shame
    • Mediocre. The team will take a step back, but there will be enough ambiguity over the causes that we won't be able to blame this approach
    • Decent. The team will do about as well as last year, or improve slightly
    • Brilliant! The team will win the Super Bowl and the move will revolutionize football! No team will have coordinators by 2030.

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Bill O'Brien seems to make sense.. especially if he thinks he can try to get in for a few years then convince Kraft to make him the HC after BB retires. Going to Alabama for 2 years didn't seem to help his reputation as much as he thought because he didn't get any of the top college jobs and I doubt he will get a HC job in the NFL. 


Zac Robinson is still the best outside guy imo. 

- Was drafted by the Patriots so a slight BB connection

- QB Coach and Pass Game Coordinator for the Rams .. who are falling apart.. so it's the perfect time to leave 

- Young guy who has 4 years coaching experience .. was a QB and can help Mac get back on track

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