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Patriots Training Camp - 2022

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It's here! Here's some direct quotes and observations from people there (Kyrie Thompson, Pats pulpit writers, Phil Perry)

Day 1

DeVante Parker stood out above all-else on day 1. He was un-coverable in the Red Zone. Marcus Jones was tight to him on one play, couldn't make a play on the ball - TD. Against Jack Jones the next play, Jones held him all day, but still Parker broke away to the outside and posterised him for a TD catch.

Tyquan Thornton and Cole Strange working with the 1st team. Other rookies weren't, really

Tre Nixon didn't look good. False start, and zero separation from JoeJuan Williams

Mac and Kendrick bringing energy all the time. Hyping people up, chest bumping, having fun out there 

Bailey Zappe was all over the place. Air mailing balls to air. 

Damien Harris all number 1 reps, looked great catching the ball. Crisp routes and caught everything coming his way


Josh Bledsoe looked good. Made some nice plays, out there with McCourty a lot at safety. Rotating secondaries in and out, but he did make a lot of plays on the ball

Four guys catching punts - Nixon, Dugger, Marcus Jones, Bourne


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3 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Tyquan Thornton and Cole Strange working with the 1st team. Other rookies weren't, really

Feels like they really want to give him a chance to beat out Agholor .. having him play more with Mac in hopes of him showing out and making Agholor more expendable. They still are in need of cap space so trading him would make sense. 

3 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Tre Nixon didn't look good. False start, and zero separation from JoeJuan Williams

Long way to go but bad start for Nixon .. i'm not going to get worried about Nixon or excited about Williams until pads are on. 

3 hours ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Mac and Kendrick bringing energy all the time. Hyping people up, chest bumping, having fun out there 

Bourne is going to have 1,000 yard season.. 100%, guy is locked in with Mac. 

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Saw a photo of 'Mondre, who looked noticeably cut and slimmed down. Expecting to see him take a larger role in the passing game, which will be great because he's not one the defense can telegraph pass or run like a lot of the RB personnel they've been trotting out for years now.

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Something I am going to be looking out for going forward is the OL.. a few players in particular: 

  • James Ferenz: Vet who knows what he is doing.. how confident are they that he could take over RT if necessary? 
  • Drew Desjarlais: He is an X factor.. young, apparently has talent.. is he going to get a chance to do well and fight for that RG spot? 
  • Kody Russey: With Andrews on PUP... can Russey take over the backup C spot and make the team? They gave him a lot of money for a UDFA so they must like him.


I mention those names because of Wynn .. we've already seen one major injury on the OL in Tampa, it's only a matter of time before a team has a major injury at LT/RT and comes calling. If you can get another 3rd for Wynn and clear cap space ( which they still need to do!) ... i think you make that deal. 


-> Onwenu should slide to RT and be better than Wynn at RT... it's only a matter of if Ferenz / Desjarlais can take over that RG spot ( or even Herron take over RT for that matter)


I give it a 25% chance that Wynn is on the opening day roster, it just makes too much sense to me for him to get traded. 

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6 hours ago, m haynes said:

Short arm a ball when there's no hitting while trying to make the team !!!!!! Typical screw up.

The pass was pretty bad though.

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Really interesting to see the defense do so well to start camp.. especially when these non padded practices give the offense an advantage. Maybe the defense is going to end up being better than we expect? Or the offense worse than we expect? Or the best option.. it's early in camp and means nothing. 


Dumping out all my thoughts from the first week of camp


  • Thornton is better than advertised .. no way does he look like a UDFA like plenty of people called him during the "reach" drama .. he looks like he belongs. Had a couple times of struggling to get off press from Butler, but so did Bourne. I really want to see how he looks when they get further out of the red zone and have pads on.. I think he could surprise people and play a decent number of snaps this year. He could push Agholor out the door quickly .. super excited to see him in preseason. 
  • If Parker and Henry can stay healthy, this team should be dramatically better in the red zone. 
  • Mac is much more confident.. seems like we could see more of a gunslinger side of him this year. He's made a lot of chemistry throws where he and the receiver have to be perfectly on the same page to make them work. Those make for some really exciting plays.. the confidence is awesome.. but if they aren't on the same page that could easily be an INT
  • Stevenson may be the do it all back that could end up being the #1 guy by mid season. They could be trying to platoon Stevenson and Harris more so that Harris' value stays reasonable to resign him? He's an amazing leader and obviously loves to be here so he seems like a guy who would want to resign and stay here long term. 
  • Sad that Pierre Strong hasn't been out there.. he seems like he could end up on PUP to start the season.. would allow for Ty Montgomery to get on the team as the 3rd RB. Strong and Harris could very much be in the picture for next season when Harris is more than likely gone. 
  • Meyers has struggled which is interesting.. he's even mentioned how he's had trouble picking up the "new" offense because he was so used to the last one. That's a really surprising quote given how everyone else seems to be mentioning how things are easier and made so that the team can play faster. Maybe because he's a slower guy the new offense doesn't cater to him well? If Nixon pops throughout camp, could Meyers be a surprise trade before roster cuts? 
  • The team seems to really love Bill Murray and want him to stick around, moving him to RG is interesting because it just throws another body at my conspiracy theory of trading Wynn and pushing Onwenu back out to RT. 
  • Zappe seems like a guy who was critiqued a lot during the draft process for having a weak arm .. he's trying to throw everything at 100mph into tight windows and he's struggled to start. He got drafted to the right team for his skillset, I think he just needs to relax and let the game come to him like Mac did last year 



  • Can't really say anything about the front 7 before pads are on but i'm still very excited to see how all of the LB's do throughout camp.. if 2-3 guys can cement themselves there this defense will be much better than people think. Anfernee Jennings sighting today too! 
  • Kyle Dugger has struggled in coverage all week.. won't get worried about that yet but it's interesting. Lots of good TE's out there, if they can't stop those guys the defense is going to struggle badly. 
  • Josh Bledsoe has started on fire .. if he can keep it up we could see even more safety usage than we anticipated 
  • Marcus Jones is built like a tank and looks like he will be used all over the field .. punt return, slot and fs. 
  • No stars at CB but it's feeling like soo much depth.. maybe they can survive against good teams through substitutions and keeping everyone fresh. Terrence Mitchell has started well, Mills has looked good, Jack Jones could be a good 3rd CB year 1, Shaun Wade has improved and can play inside and outside, Butler looks like he will be the guy to press against bigger WR's,etc. 
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So, apparently so far the standouts have been (according to those I listed in OP);


1. Mac Jones - he's looking very very accurate and as much a leader as a QB can be

2. Devante Parker - they can't stop him catching RZ targets

3. Cole/Bledsoe - Cole is incredibly impressive in how athletic he is and getting out into space, Bledose is being given McCourty reps and just keeps making plays




First day of pads today

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Pre- pre-season what I hope the roster shakes out to: * = practice squad


Jones, hoyer, zappe


harris, Stevenson, strong, Montgomery, Taylor, harris*

Thornton, Parker, Bourne, agholor, meyers, nixon

Henry, jonnu, asiasi*, keene*

folk, Bailey, Cardona, slater


brown, Herron 

strange, hambright

andrews, russey

onwenu, Hines*

wynn, stueber*

barmore, wise

guy, ray, sam roberts

godchaux, Anderson 
judon, Jennings, Perkins


bentley, brad Hawkins*

McMillan, wilson, mcgrone*


mills, Jonathan Jones, Marcus Jones

mccourty, Jalen Elliott, schooler*

phillips, Bledsoe*, Cody davis

dugger, peppers, bethel

mitchell, Jack Jones, wade

pup: James white

ir: tavai 

suspension: ekuale

cut: Malcolm butler, carl Davis, uche, cajuste, Durant, Sherman, bill murray, desjarlais, ferentz 

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Days 5&6 - Pads are on

Christian Barmore - so far, he's been destructive and a standout performer in 1-on-1s. He has overpowered Cole Strange and Mike Onwenu 

Tyquan Thornton - On Tuesday, he was the only wide receiver to beat starting cornerback Jalen Mills in 1-on-1s — and he did so in spectacular fashion: Thornton made an over-the-shoulder catch down the right sideline that led to Mills applauding him afterward.

Trent Brown - He's pretty much been unbeatable these days. No one is getting around him


Ronnie Perkins - Durant put his face in the dirt, he's working with the scout team, not been in regular team rotation

Isaiah Wynn - Uche beat him twice in a row, false start lap 


Also, looks like Bentley and McMillan are definitely the two Off ball LB starters, and Terrence Mitchell is getting the most 1st team reps besides Mills


Rolling [sort of] rankings of camp so far


1. Mac Jones

= 2. Tyquan Thornton, Devante Parker

= 4. Barmore, Bledsoe, Parker

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