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First depth chart just dropped


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SMB above Dean is interesting. Zyon as Carlton's backup is promising to see. 

Wouldnt be surprised to see Otton pass Rudolph soon. 

Im sure there's a long way to go before the RB and WR positions are sorted.. Tyler Johnson ahead of Grayson, Perriman, and Darden may mean he has the edge for that final spot atm or it could mean nothing

Im hoping Goedeke can push Stinnie for that starting spot. 

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On 8/9/2022 at 5:45 PM, BucsDraftGeek47 said:

My whole thing is how dafuq is SMB anywhere near Dean? If he can't lock down the slot. Just odd to me.

The way they seem to value SMB and Dean is just weird. Dean has shown much more promise and imo he needs more love.

Similar to how they valued Lenny over Jones. Opening week - Jones fumbled once - benched for the game. couple drives later Lenny botches an easy screen pass and tips it up into Diggs hands. Not benched. 


The excuse for Bunting seems to be he was hurt last year or else he' would've been above Dean? Dean was our best corner last year and yes even better than Carlton. No way this holds come opening week. Bc Bunting struggles in the slot - he's now better suited to replace our best corner on the opposite side? 

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