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Was impressed with Howell, Robinson, Parker today.

Wentz played smart today.

Disappointed in Gibson today. Still fumbling

I was most impressed with our rush D.

I thought we did a decent job, containing the run. 

At least better than last yr, when teams were cuttin' through our D like butter.

Good 1st pre season game & hopefully we can learn from that.


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34 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

Howell is just a baller. No excuse for this dude falling past the 2nd round. Just absurd. 

Let's not forget he is playing against 3rd stringers. However he does have a good arm, some escape ability, some accuracy and doesn't seem to get rattle. But we we will see.  He's has aways to go but Howell looks like a prospect who needs a little seasoning and eventually will be something promising in the future. Not trying to burst your bubble b/c I like Sam I just like to take it a step at a time. It's all about progressing. There will be some bumps down the road but let's just hope he continues down the right path.

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For those saying Howell was playing against 4th stringers. That's why he did well.

Well, who was Howell throwing too? McLaurin & Samuels? I think not.

In fact, the guys Howell was throwing to & protecting him are so bad, I won't have to cut them in Madden.....

Because they won't even be in the game.

Howell, should have been selected in the 2nd Rd. His fall to the 5th Rd should get some scouts fired, imo.

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