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Rivera opened his postgame presser by addressing two issues that irked him during the game: the Commanders didn't get enough out of their kickoff returns, and they couldn't get off the field on defense.

Absolutely seems like these concerns are a carry over from last yr.  Mayfield faced three third downs of five yards of fewer and converted all three. Of the 25 second downs Washington's defense faced, 18 were with a distance of at least seven yards. Seven of those plays were followed by either a first down or manageable third down situations. I know it is preseason but this type of stuff plagued or defense last yr.


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4 hours ago, 4209 said:

Let's not forget he is playing against 3rd stringers. However he does have a good arm, some escape ability, some accuracy and doesn't seem to get rattle. But we we will see.  He's has aways to go but Howell looks like a prospect who needs a little seasoning and eventually will be something promising in the future. Not trying to burst your bubble b/c I like Sam I just like to take it a step at a time. It's all about progressing. There will be some bumps down the road but let's just hope he continues down the right path.

I don’t know man? I’ve been watching this dude since his first game in college and he’s been a stud ever since. This is pretty much what I expected to see today. I know I’m bias because I’m a fan of his but I just do not understand how anyone who watched this guy in college could agree with him being available in the 5th round? Not saying you said that at all by the way. 

He just reminds me so much of Russell Wilson. Not saying he’ll have that kind of career but they just looked like they belonged. Maybe he never becomes anything but he just looks like he can ball. 

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