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Scherzer HoF Chances?


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Max has 3 Cy Youngs now, which puts him pretty elite company: 

  • Clemens (7)
  • Unit (5)
  • Maddux (4)
  • Carlton (4)
  • Pedro (3)
  • Koufax (3)
  • Seaver (3)
  • Palmer (3)
  • Kershaw (3)
  • Scherzer (3)

Kershaw is obviously just about a lock but what about Scherzer.  How close is he?  He broke out in his mid-20s but since then has been flat out dominant. 

Interesting comparison, 10 years into their careers: 

Max Scherzer (32): 141-75, 3.30 ERA, 127 ERA+, 2149 SO,  44.6 WAR

Randy Johnson (33): 124-68, 3.37 ERA, 128 ERA+, 2000 SO, 37.7 WAR 

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easily will be a hall of famer, as long as he doesnt just completely fall off the face of the earth. He would have to have a stretch of being one of the worse pitchers in the league. 

How many pitchers have won a cy young in both leagues?

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I guess my question would be do we think Kluber is 2 more years away from the hall of fame. Because their careers would look fairly similar.

I guess my answer would be that he has already done the heavy lifting (having a dominant strech for a sufficiently long time). But it needs to be padded with some more at least good years (think 3+ WAR).

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51 minutes ago, bigbadbuff23835 said:

He’d have to fall off a cliff completely to not be a lock for me. Multiple no hitters, a 20k game, 3 CY Youngs...i mean come on.

He's got the peak highlights already, but longevity counts, especially in the 162 game grindhouse that is the MLB season.

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1 hour ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:

Really depends on if the writers realize the old school SP is dead and the arbitrary win milestones start to go away. The HoF has been including a smaller and smaller percentage of SPs over the years because of their stubbornness. 

Honestly, will we ever see another 300 game winner?

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2 hours ago, ramssuperbowl99 said:


The real question is should we ever see another 300 game winner? If you're a team are you really maximizing what a SP can do for you nowadays if you have a workload that extreme consistently?

I wouldn't say no. If it happens though it won't be the top pitcher type. It would be a Mark Buehrle type on a really good team that consistently wins 15-16 and can hang around for 20 years. (Buehrle is mean as an example of type of pitcher as I know he doesn't mean any of those criteria itself)

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