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Christian Watson this, Christian Watson that....dude's done NOTHING, literally NOTHING.


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3 hours ago, NFLGURU said:

Hes going to be a field stretcher.  He'll serve his purpose in that role.   I'm not expecting a lot from him, but Rodgers will pick his spots for him especially later in the year.

He's just Jordan Love 2.0. another waste of a trade up.

He ain't it. 

Have to to drafting small school "projects"

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3 hours ago, vegas492 said:

And while I'm at it....I just want to say this.

**** Doubs.  You heard me.  F-Him.

He's got the 4'th round J'Moore vibe to me.  No hands.  Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.  

For real though. I'm pretty sure I'm going to curse Doubs a lot this year. 

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ahhh Vegas too funny.  Watson will end up being the best receiver we'll have in time.  Too bad he needed that scope but he'll be ready for the opener.  They probably won't use him that much early on but expect he'll play that MVS role.  Rodgers likes him that's enough for me.  6'4" dude that runs a 4.3.  Nah man I think Gutenheimer got this one right.  He's probably #5 on the depth chart right now.  By the end of the season he'll probably be 2 or 3.  

Doubs flashed for sure but also yes dropsies.  He's a rook what can you reasonably expect?  

Like both of those guys.  Toure too.  Like them better than the Moore, EQ, and MVS.  

When Watkins and Cobb go down which they will we'll be depending on these guys.  

Do they keep Toure or try to get him on the PS?  That is the question.


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4 hours ago, vegas492 said:

Blah Blah Blah.

Yah, we traded two second rounders to a division rival for this turd.  Haven't even seen if he can wear a darned uniform yet.

Gimme a reason why he should make the squad?

Because you or @Packerraymond has him on their final roster projections is not a valid answer.

Neither is his draft status or age..

Small school guy who can't run the full route tree, has suspect hands and has never been in a pro style offense.

Not exactly the type of guy you want on the field.

So tell me WHY????????

This is a joke right?

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5 minutes ago, NFLGURU said:

We'll know even more in 3 years.

To be serious for a second, it really sucks hard for that kid specifically to miss that time in his first year. He needed it as much as anyone, team needed him to have it. 

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