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2023 draft prospects and college football talk.


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2 hours ago, e16bball said:

I love the “long-term lens” aspect of this plan, but the post itself really seems to hit the main point:

Unless the #1 pick goes to someone like the Cardinals (maybe?) or one of the teams who takes a QB in the 1st on Thursday (maybe?), it sure seems like the pick to take Caleb Williams might be one of those that just doesn’t even have a price tag. A guy you want badly but can’t pry loose from the team that lands the top pick. Like Luck or Burrow were for us, in years past. 

That said, if Drake Maye manages to duplicate his success at UNC (now without even Josh Downs), there’s a pretty exciting consolation prize out there. Trading up for the second-best guy behind the generational prospect seems like a can’t miss plan…

That’s what I’m thinking. There’s no chance we get Caleb bc even if Howell is horrible - which I doubt - our playmakers & our D will be good enough to have us win at least 5 games & no team is trading the #1 pick IMO except as you said maybe, maybe if the Cards get it, but even them, I think they’d trade us or someone else Kyler Murray & draft Caleb Williams #1.

Drake Maye though, he could be a possibility at #2 assuming Houston, Arizona, Indy or Carolina get the #2 pick bc they would’ve drafted a young QB this year or AZ would have Kyler in house.

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9 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

Some tidbits from anonymous coaches:


You gotta love it when guys skills are special with balls. 😂 

Does anyone know what kind of run game the Chiefs ran with Bieniemy? I can’t remember if they had a lot of zone concepts or more duo/a man blocking scheme?

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7 hours ago, e16bball said:

Hard not to like the look of Jartavius (Quan) Martin as an option for this defense. A wide array of skills, both supporting the run and hawking the ball, and a crazy explosive (if presumably pretty tight) physical profile.

Think he’s probably risen out of range for pick 97, though. Don’t think I’d bite on a hybrid (slot/Buffalo nickel) type defender at 47 unless it’s Brian Branch. 

Gotta be hopeful he falls to 97, he’d be a great choice there.

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6 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

Tried not to draft the same person twice. I think this shows I like offense a lot early more...

Washington Commanders

16 Darnell Wright OT | Tennessee

47 Dalton Kincaid TE | Utah

97 Tyjae Spears RB | Tulane

118 Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson CB | TCU

150 Ivan Pace Jr. LB | Cincinnati

193 Viliami Fehoko EDGE | San Jose State

215 Clayton Tune QB | Houston

233 Anthony Bradford IOL | LSU

This is a good one. A future RT for us, a TE that I think will be Top 5 in the league, a great change of pace back to replace Gibson, and then good defensive depth. 


16 Bijan Robinson RB | Texas

47 Cody Mauch IOL | North Dakota State

97 Tucker Kraft TE | South Dakota State

118 Byron Young (TN) EDGE | Tennessee

150 Olusegun Oluwatimi IOL | Michigan 

193 Terell Smith CB | Minnesota

215 SirVocea Dennis LB | Pittsburgh

233 Grant DuBose WR | Charlotte

Tried to do something to hit the Bijan crowd. I don't love this draft, but it was how the cookie crumbled.


16 Michael Mayer TE | Notre Dame

47 Steve Avila IOL | TCU

97 Tyrique Stevenson CB | Miami (FL)

118 YaYa Diaby EDGE | Louisville

150 Kenny McIntosh RB | Georgia

193 Bryce Ford-Wheaton WR | West Virginia

215 Stetson Bennett IV QB | Georgia

233 Cam Jones LB | Indiana



Offense early definitely makes more sense to me but it does matter which CB is available at 16. I like the first one the best, not sure if Kincaid will be a top 5 TE in the league but we can all dream & I’d love that dream to come true!

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3 hours ago, e16bball said:

Sign me up for this one. If you’re staying put at 16, I think Wright + TE/CB/EDGE/Campbell is about as well as you’re going to do. Can’t imagine Kincaid being there at 47, but LaPorta or Washington might be. Either would be cool with me.

Is agree

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Man this would be a dream come true. From the first game I saw him at OU 3 yrs ago I had a vision of him in a Reskin uniform.  Yes I know it is a long shot but man this would be wonderful. OU recruited him and he is an DC area kid. Oh well at lesst next yr draft class is very strong so we should be able to add some significant talent to our team.  

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Washington Commanders: Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State

I think Washington will go with a corner or tackle here, and the Commanders have done plenty of work on Porter, a long, physical, feisty defensive back who fits what Ron Rivera needs in his scheme. He played a lot of ball for the Nittany Lions and should be able to step in right away for the Commanders, who would be putting a lot of faith in Sam Howell (and they do have that faith in him) by passing on Richardson at this stage of the first round. And I did get a little late information that Washington exec Marty Hurney has advocated for Richardson.

Sure the pick, but how about the bolded? Lol worthy if they think a guy that probably won't be ready for 2 years will save them. They'd be watching from the stands with the rest of us. 

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I will never understand the hype of Richardson? Like, he's a specimen but he is a terrible QB. Like awful. If he ends up being a great QB it will defy all conventional wisdom when scouting the QB position. I still stand by the fact that whoever drafts this guy is cutting him in 3 years and drafting someone new.  

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31 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

I will never understand the hype of Richardson? Like, he's a specimen but he is a terrible QB. Like awful. If he ends up being a great QB it will defy all conventional wisdom when scouting the QB position. I still stand by the fact that whoever drafts this guy is cutting him in 3 years and drafting someone new.  

He just doesn’t have reps. When he is throwing with form his touch his placement and throw types are really advanced. When he’s on the run he’s special. It’s the consistency which takes reps and time. He needed to go back but Florida isn’t known for maximizing player development. And he has tools to float in the NFL while he gets these reps. I mean he’s not Malik Willis bad with his short to mid range game. He just needs a full time QB coach to work on fundamentals. He actually seems to process well post snap and I think he has everything upstairs he’s worth taking a chance on. His best shot would be sitting 6 games and coming in around mid season and putting things on tape so his first offseason he can work on the notes. 

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3 hours ago, lavar703 said:

Keim took Darnell Wright in his mock draft on ESPN. He's about as clued in as you get when it comes to local guys so my guess is he knows something. They're probably really high on Wright. If he's there I bet they pick him. 

Yep, the smoke has seemed to be getting pretty thick on that one. It feels like they want to trade down, but I’d wager they won’t get a good enough offer to make them pass on Wright. If he’s not there…? All bets are probably off at that point.

That’s probably my favorite of the likely options at 16. Feels pretty safe — he’s an elite athlete, was an elite recruit, played well against elite competition. Unless he’s a gigantic ******* (not out of the realm of possibility), he feels like at least a solid long-term RT starter.

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23 minutes ago, e16bball said:

Anyone have a take on Lukas Van Ness? I haven’t watched much of him — EDGE player who will likely go ahead of us, so it seemed a bit far-fetched he’d be a top option.

Seems like a tweener, DE/DT type.  Bigger than you think.  Remind me a little of Kerrigan. 

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