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2023 draft prospects and college football talk.


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47 minutes ago, lavar703 said:

I don't think that $19M number is correct. Reporters on twitter were saying its closer to $24M for the franchise tag. Obviously that could be wrong but that's what I saw. 

19.73 for franchise

17.45 for transition

these are the 2023 numbers




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Martin Mayhew

"Where we are right now, I will probably project up several spots in case we want to move up, we understand the value," Mayhew said. "We don't want to give up a whole bunch of picks, so I know how far we can go up, but then I'll probably talk to everybody, from 16 to 31, and gauge their interest in coming up.”

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Rivera please make good decisions and stingy trades.  Yes this draft is soft, but I don't want a bunch of low draft picks.  If you trade down aim for 2nd or high 3rd round compensation.

I still think we might get a surprise qb fall and should keep an eye out.  Stroud is a premium prospect if a couple qbs are taken before him we should consider.

This draft is fun in that it appears hard to predict.  There are always surprises, this year might bring big ones.  Fingers crossed one falls into our laps.

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9 minutes ago, MKnight82 said:

Darnell Wright sounds pretty good to me.

Oh I'm good with Wright. I'm not good with "Or another OT if he's gone". I'm not reaching for a tackle just to take one and Wright is the best available outside of Johnson and Jones. Skoranski is a guard. 

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1 hour ago, MikeT14 said:



Just not a fan of him. Even in that video, you see the struggle he has with landing blows on the target in space. He’s frequently lunging and ducking his head in pass pro, and he ends up falling down a shocking amount for a dude that is so gifted physically. Ojulari worked him in their head to head. 

When you compare him to Anton Harrison, I think he’s definitely the stronger guy. I think they’re pretty equivalent in their ability to move downfield or laterally into space, but Harrison has gotten much better at actually making the blocks when he gets there — which is a big part of the job description. Harrison’s pass sets are much smoother and more controlled. I’d have a hard time taking Broderick over Anton.

Jones is definitely a really good athlete, and they say he’s pretty smart, which is a good combination for projecting a guy. I just don’t think he’s real good at football at the moment. For me, he’s more of a late 1st round option. I’d have Dawand Jones over him too if there wasn’t so much smoke about him being…unpredictable.

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