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Roster cuts

Louis Friend

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Not really shocking but I'm kind of bummed that they kept Jermar or JJ or Igwebuike, kept 4 TEs and 9 OL just to cut Kennedy and only keep 5 WR. I don't like Seibert over Patterson. Haven't really seen anything out of Price, Woods, either Hughes or Cominsky to warrant roster spots. Makes me wonder if they kept obvious cuts to make waiver claims. 

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6 minutes ago, Superduperman said:

I certainly wouldn't mind them going through RB cuts and picking someone up over Jefferson. I had hopes for him but this preseason he just hasn't shown any kind of special speed or explosiveness.

Tbh, I think they left a couple guys on as placeholders. Jefferson, a TE, Stenberg (possible), Cominsky, Woods, Price, Hughes. Will be interesting to see waiver claims and who is picked up after later cuts.

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Cominsky is staying. If he gets playing time he could have a Charles Harris-like breakout.

Woods is your core ST guy. He's staying.

I think they'd be fools not to keep Stenberg. I watched him a lot in preseason and he was wrecking guys all over the place in the run game.

I don't know if you meant Mike Hughes or Juju Hughes. Mike is staying, they wouldn't have cut Parker if he was a place holder.

The guys who could get replaced are Price and Juju. I think they'll keep that extra TE and OL on there until Paschal and Jamo come off PUP.

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