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Roster Set, are we ready for season predictions?

Doc Draper

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the positives

cosmi get serious recognition as pro bowl and might make it as alternate

Terry’s stats underperform through no fault of his own- after all he’s not bugs bunny who can throw it to himself and and catch it 

Bates is the best TE and continues to develop. 

Mathis has good performances and replaces Payne as starter. Payne may be traded by trading deadline ( for any breathing LB)

Allen is the best player on both sides of the ball

Way is a pro bowler 


now the negatives-

First- Wentz is out by game 5- either benched or injury. For those (up to 5 ) games he had more completions to combined RB and TE’s than to WR’s- gets two wins giving false hope and confusion if is a real qb.  

Scary Terry reappears and comes in strong after Wentz replaced but Mckissic still ends up the leading receiver 

samuel plays no more than 8 games and The Penn stater takes his job permanently 

Four different QBs start 

ST Give up at least 4 kickoff/punt returns TD’s  leading the league and don’t have one SP to all year

The Defense is  bottom five on third down conversions given up -while offense bottom 10 on third down conversion success 

gibson bottom five in fumbles per carry 

both game 1 starting guards will miss over 16 games combined and at close of season Paul will be starting at guard


there will be consensus- change the front office and fire the coaching staff- clearing the decks and Ron will say it’s his idea- he’s disappointed, but understands and will be glad to leave calling this his purgatory

record 4-13

1 W

2 W

3 L

4 L

5 L

6 L

7 L

8 L

9 L

10 L

11 W

12 L

13 L

14 This week will be the best feeling for fans

15 W

16 L

17 L

18 L


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I've got 12-5 according to my data, Doc.

How we do it, is anybody's guess.

If I had to guess how we do it?

1) We start scoring TD's rather than always stalling in the RedZone & settling on FG's. I don't know how Scott Turner is going to scheme games, but I believe we will eventually let loose with Wentz & his arm. We have the weapons & speed at WR & TE to really create mismatches for defenses. Our Running game will be solid enough to open that up.

2)I believe our turnover ratio will be the #1 reason for our successful season. I believe it's the most important determining factor in wins & losses & will prove so for us this year. Wentz doesn't turn the ball over very much. His "bad" year last year resulted in just 7 INT's. I'll take that every year.  I believe our D-line will cause a lot of QB sack/fumbles & we'll earn many change of possessions. Thus, helping our field position in many games as well.

3) I think an easy schedule will be huge for building confidence as the year goes on. We may start off a little lax or rusty. But once the rythem sets in, look out! It's amazing what an average team can accomplish when they believe in each other. All it takes is a little bit of luck with the ball bouncing our way.

I think this team is better, than many here believe. Not perfect...

We're about to find out soon.

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This coaching staff and front office refuse to get out of their way, and we are going to roll out yet another weak group in the secondary, specifically at safety, and maybe the worst linebacker corps in NFL history.  

These are position problems that date back to Shanahan, and yet for some reason, different executives and coaches can not seem to fix it.  

I’m also predicting that Wentz struggles, then goes down with an injury, and we have yet another full-blown QB controversy on our hands…….because we all know that this is what our franchise does best.  

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10 minutes ago, naptownskinsfan said:

I’m also predicting that Wentz struggles, then goes down with an injury, and we have yet another full-blown QB controversy on our hands…….because we all know that this is what our franchise does best.  

Can we get those bumper stickers "I Like Heiny" and/ or "I like Sammy " !! 

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On 9/1/2022 at 11:29 AM, ovfd55 said:

I think the 1st 2 weeks of the seasons tell how the final 15 weeks go

If we start 2-0 in 2 very winnable games I think we win 10+

1-1 and we end up in the 6-10 range

0-2 and the season is doomed Ron's gone picking top 8 next season

I agree with this. Weeks 1 and 2 are going to tell us a ton. If they start 2-0 and split with the Cowboys and Eagles to go 3-1 things are going to look really good with Chase Young potentially coming back in week 5. If they start 0-4 or 1-3 Chase Young isn't going to be rushing back and the defense is going to struggle. I think 11 wins is the max and 6 is the min. I think they end up 9-8 or 8-9 depending on injuries. 

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Wentz 4500 yards 38 td

terry 1500 yards 10 ts

docson 1000 yards 5 td

samuel 800 yard 

Gibson fumbling will be an issue



we will be in a lot of high score games and Wentz will throw it a lot because we won’t be able to stop anyone


we will get a lot of sacks but give up alot of long plays 

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