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Week 1 GDT: San Francisco 49ers vs Chicago Bears


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1 hour ago, 49erurtaza said:

Shanny challenging the media to create more fake narrative just for fun. Gotta love it!

Kyle is clearly just trying to increase Garoppolos trade value by making teams think he doesn't like Lance. 5D chess 

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16 hours ago, malak1 said:

He’s just saying that they’re fast, which isn’t wrong if you go by their 40 times. Do you disagree?

I don't believe it was just to express how fast they are. I think that is a little naïve. Nobody cares how fast anyone is when it doesn't show up on the football field and only 1 guy on that list has done anything productive in the league. We are giving nicknames these days to a group that hasn't accomplished anything. 

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We have 10 OL on the 53. We usually only need 7 during gameday so i'd guess 3 OL are inactive. I think Brunskill & McKivitz would be the gameday actives, with Moore/Zakelj/Hance inactive

I'd also guess one of the RB's or TE's would be a gameday inactive. If Kittle is injured than he'll sit Sunday, but most weeks I'd guess it would be Jordan Mason or Ross Dwelley 

Besides that, Brock Purdy is an easy inactive

Hopefully Kittle is ready to go, but if not, we should still be potent with the run game/Samuel/Aiyuk

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