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Playoff Predictions

vike daddy

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we'll start off with Peter King's:


NFC seeds

1. New Orleans (12-5). Note of the week: Saints have beaten Tom Brady’s Bucs in all four regular-season meetings, and none of the four has been a one-score game.

2. Green Bay (12-5). Minnesota threatens, but Aaron Rodgers figures out how to make Romeo Doubs a factor early, and off they go.

3. Philadelphia (11-6). DeVonta Smith/A.J. Brown combined to average 14.1 yards per catch last year. Now Jalen Hurts has them both.

4. LA Rams (10-7). This is still a very good team. But it’s a very good team facing a murderous schedule, starting with the Bills in three days.

5. Minnesota (11-6). Is this the year Eric Kendricks finally gets credit for being a top-five NFL ‘backer?

6. Tampa Bay (10-7). Just too much noise and too many injuries around this team. Talent, and Brady, makes the Bucs still a factor.

7. San Francisco (10-7)*. We interrupt this endless quarterback story to remind you the other 51 players on this roster are pretty good.

*Tiebreaker: San Francisco over Dallas (10-7).


Wild card: Green Bay over San Francisco, Tampa Bay over Philadelphia, LA Rams over Minnesota.

Divisional: New Orleans over Tampa Bay, Green Bay over LA Rams.

NFC Championship, at New Orleans: Green Bay 30, New Orleans 17.

Super Bowl 57, at Glendale, Ariz., Feb. 12, 2023: Buffalo 30, Green Bay 23.

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1. Green Bay (12-5)
2. Tampa Bay (11-6)
3. Los Angeles Rams (11-6)
4. Philadelphia Eagles (10-7)
5. Minnesota Vikings (11-6)
6. San Francisco 49ers (11-6)
7. New Orleans Saints (10-7)

WC: Tampa Bay over New Orleans, Los Angeles over San Francisco, Minnesota over Philadelphia

DR: Tampa Bay over Los Angeles, Minnesota over Green Bay

CC: Tampa Bay over Minnesota

SB: Tampa Bay over Buffalo

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I don't really have a good feeling about any team in the NFC...it could go any number of ways. 

1.  San Francisco 49ers 12-5

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-5

3. Green Bay Packers 11-6

4. Dallas Cowboys 10-7

5. Los Angeles Rams 10-7

6. Minnesota Vikings 10-7

7. Philadelphia Eagles 10-7 (I'm really negative on the Eagles despite all the praise they are getting, but their schedule is so favorable even Hurts can't screw that up)


WC:  Tampa Bay over Philadelphia, Vikings over Packers, Rams over Cowboys

DR:  49ers over Vikings (Vikings just don't matchup well vs. SF ever), Bucs over Rams

CC:  49ers over Bucs

Super Bowl LVII - In rematch of the same SB 10 yrs earlier...once again, it'll be Ravens over 49ers...no blackout this time, however.  


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7 minutes ago, wcblack34 said:

All of those early season Green Bay predictions tho...


They've just always been given the benefit of the doubt by the national folks, so it bleeds into us.  But, it just has shown that if A-Rodg quits on them, which he has, they can't make up for it with the rest of the team.

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