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Playoff Predictions

vike daddy

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Outcome of tonight's Patriots vs. Cardinals game has no bearing on the current playoff picture. Games in bold are against current playoff teams.

1. Eagles (12-1): @ Bears, @ Dallas, Saints, Giants (Eagles in strong position to clinch #1 seed - it is theirs to lose.)

2. Vikings (10-3): Colts, Giants, @ Packers, @ Bears (49ers breathing down our necks for the #2 seed.)

3. 49ers (9-4): @ Seahawks, Commanders, @ Raiders, Cardinals (Big game against the Seahawks on TNF this week. Is Brock Purdy for real?)

4. Buccaneers (6-7): Bengals, @ Cardinals, Panthers, @ Falcons (NFCS winner is all but locked in as the #4 seed.)


5. Cowboys (10-3): @ Jaguars, Eagles@ Titans@ Commanders (Damn near locked in as the #5 seed.)

6. Commanders (7-5-1): Giants@ 49ers, Browns, Cowboys (Big matchup against the Giants this week. Winner would have a firmer grasp on the #6 seed.)

7. Giants (7-5-1): @ Commanders@ Vikings, Colts, @ Eagles (Big matchup against the Commanders this week. Winner would have a firmer grasp on the #6 seed.)


8. Seahawks (7-6): 49ers@ Chiefs, Jets, Rams (Looking at their schedule I see a 2-2 or 1-3 finish which would put them at 9-8 or 8-9 and probably on the outside looking in for the playoffs.)

9. Detroit (6-7): @ Jets, @ Panthers, Bears, @ Packers (Would not shock me in the least to see the Lions in the playoffs.)


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The NFC West could be decided on Sunday. If the 49ers beat the Seahawks, the division race is over and the 49ers win. Even if the Seahawks win the 49ers will be the favorites, but Seattle has to win to stay alive.


Here’s how the NFC playoff picture looks after Monday night:


1. Eagles (12-1) Hard to envision a scenario where the road to the Super Bowl doesn’t go through Philadelphia.
2. Vikings (10-3) Likely to win the NFC North, but not looking like a Super Bowl team.
3. 49ers (9-4) Can clinch the division on Sunday.
4. Buccaneers (6-7) They don’t look good, but someone has to win the NFC South.
5. Cowboys (10-3) Unlikely to catch the Eagles in the division, which means they’ll probably have to win three road games to reach the Super Bowl.
6. Commanders (7-5-1) Currently have the tiebreaker over the Giants based on a better record within the NFC East.
7. Giants (7-5-1) Not looking like a playoff team right now.



8. Seahawks (7-6) Today’s loss to the Panthers hurts.
9. Lions (6-7) Far from out of playoff contention.
10. Packers (5-8) Green Bay owns the strength of victory tiebreaker over Carolina.
11. Panthers (5-8) Carolina has the division record tiebreaker over Atlanta.
12. Falcons (5-8) Still only a game out in the NFC South.


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Quarterback Brock Purdy‘s oblique injury will likely keep the 49ers from making a decision about his status for Thursday night’s game against the Seahawks until shortly before kickoff.

That was the message from head coach Kyle Shanahan on Tuesday. The 49ers won’t have a full practice all week and Purdy will be limited in any work that they do, which means that the coach will be taking as long as possible before settling on a starter.

Shanahan said that it’s a question of pain management for Purday and that there’s no concern about making the injury worse if he does play. Purdy told reporters he feels good and that he hasn’t been in “excruciating pain” while adding that he had not thrown a pass since Sunday. That will likely be part of his limited practice work as the 49ers move toward determining his status.


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That seems to be the pattern from the 49ers...once their starter gets injured, then the backups get injured too...I think it was 2020 when Jimmy G got injured, then Mullens played for a good portion of the season, but then he got injured and Beathard had to finish it off and something similar happened in 2018 with the same QBs.

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The 49ers have won the NFC West, becoming the second team in the NFC to clinch a playoff berth and the first to clinch their division.

Thursday night’s win over the Seahawks made the 49ers the NFC West champions. The 49ers actually don’t have a whole lot to play for over the final three weeks of the season: They’re very unlikely to catch the Eagles for the No. 1 seed, or to fall behind the Buccaneers for the No. 4 seed, so the only real question is whether they’ll finish ahead of the Vikings for the No. 2 seed.


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The 7-7 Seahawks will be fighting for a wild-card berth without one of their best offensive players.

Coach Pete Carroll told reporters after the 21-13 loss to the 49ers that receiver Tyler Lockett suffered a broken index finger during the team’s final drive of the night. Lockett, Carroll added, could be out for the rest of the season.


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Thielen: "So many years in my career it's coming down to the last two, three games and must-win games,. You think about early in the season, sometimes you're like, 'Well, it is what it is. We've got a long season.' But then you tend to go to those seasons where you miss the playoffs by one game or maybe you made the playoffs by one game and you can look back and see the early games like, 'Man, if we would've just finished that one game, we'd be in the playoffs right now' or 'Man, I'm glad we finished that one game because we are in the playoffs by one game.' So when you start to realize that, you start to realize how important every single week is.

"I think that's why last week was so frustrating because it's like, 'Man, we're right there.' You have that opportunity and you're like, 'We've got to do it. We've got to go win. We've got to go treat every game as a must-win, backs against the wall, and I think when you have that mentality, you look back and you're like, 'Whoa, we're already at this point in the season, that's crazy.' But every game is so important."


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