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Bills @ Rams TNF Banner Night


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I was expected a tough game but not a horrendious start like this. 

From start to the end of the game i couldn't see how the Rams could win the game as the Bills dominated us during the whole game. 

We were luckily tie at half time thanks to the defense turnover. 

The offense was horrible....i didn't want to talk about this OL in the offseason as last year i talked about it and it was fine. I said to myself, ok last year they manage this and it went well...ok relax and trust them. 

Hummm the OL looked very bad, like last year they can't open a running lane. Henderson or Akers are not the issue here when you don't have space to run. Specially when Mcvay was stubborn again to call stuff run in the middle. The only toss i saw, it was a big gain on the run but i don't know why he didn't call more toss run. Jet sweep ? looks like there was no plan for this....screen pass RB ? like last year it's just disappeared...

Stafford was under pressure during the whole game...and the fact that he zerooing on Kupp didn't help. Really i don't think Robinson was so bad he couldn't throw a pass to him....only 2 target in the whole game ? Are you kidding me ? All the talked about Robinson in training camp was just fuzzed ? I miss my Bobbytree : ( 

I don't want to talk about Atwell...he couldn't even catch a ball, he's just useless at this point. 

For the defense...the positive things was the turnover and Nick Scott ! For the rest, coverage defense with Allen throwing quick passes and neutralizing the pass rush wasn't a good idea... 

A really really bad game...And add to that the Bills fans in majority in the stadium that's disgusting...we won a Superbowl and fans in LA still don't go to the stadium is a shame....

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