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The Good, The Bad, the Ugly week 1


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3 hours ago, Frankie2Gunz said:

I completely agree.  His play on the field was fantastic but you're right his presence effected Carr and the play calling. He seemed focused on getting Adams the rock and not spread the ball around based on mismatches.  McD abandoned the run game and we became one dimensional which is not good.  That will all change as the season progresses and Carr gets more comfortable in McDaniels system.

Not playing during the preseason hurt many QB's today and it showed  Rogers, Murray, Burrow, Dak, Carr all did not look good today. 

I am not freaking out because it is week one but the lack of running plays does bother me because that was a decision and not an in game reaction.  If you can run on a team, especially with big time edge players, you keep on pounding the rock until they commit to stopping you.  The Chargers averaged 2.5 yards a carry and they kept running the ball.  

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2 hours ago, ronjon1990 said:

Honestly, for me the worst INT was the deep ball to Adams. Wrong time for that pass, there were at least 3 guys around him, and going back to am earlier point, I think we started playing sandlot ball at that point. And as much as it's on the players, the coaches do carry some responsibility for the preparation of guys. 

It's week one and we weren't the ugliest loss or even performance of the week, so I can stay optimistic. But to say I'm pleased with the debut would be a lie. 

I will not judge a player based on one play but that choice was not bad but the throw was awful.  Samuel was covering Renfrow on an out route and Samuel had to make up some ground.  The throw does not have to be perfect but he under threw him by an easy 5-7 yards which is unacceptable.  At the 30 yard line Adams is already behind everyone and Samuel is still facing Renfrow.  He had to turn around and catch Adams ,who is already in full stride, within 25 yards.  Even Deion Sanders in his prime can not make that play with a decently thrown ball.

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Ooof, that was a tough one! I genuinely thought we were going to claw it back at the end.........

The Good

Despite playing poorly, no two way about it Carr was downright bad with the odd great throw, and the Oline leaking like a sieve we still could have won! To play so poorly and still be in the hunt against a top (on paper as usual with the Chargers) team that is a positive for me. As above, the sky is not falling and we shouldn't play that badly again so I think we'll improve substantially. Maybe this is the kick in the teeth we needed after having it rtoo good and too easy in the pre season. A reality check for sure.

Hobbs looks like a class act back there, very very good. Great find.

Interior Dline did a decent job, stopped the run but would have liked some more pocket push. My boy Billings I thought did a great job on a few plays, specifically on the 4th down Herbert sneak play he destroys the PoA and steamrollers through. Nicholls also made a few nice stops.  

Half-time adjustments were made, particularly on defence and they seemed to work well. Nice to see and defence overall stepped it up.

Adams is as good as advertised, moving forward we should be less zoned in on him and that'll benefit the whole offence but even when they knew he was getting it they still couldn't handle him. We just need more variety moving forward.

Penalties, apart from a couple OLine false starts and things I think we maybe only had 3 or 4 penalties during the game which follows on from the pre-season. Nice to see and I think a sign of good coaching.

The Bad

Carr was just bad, no two ways about it. He made some really nice throws like the one to Waller at the 5 yard line but just seemed half a second off on a lot of stuff. Maybe that was lack of preseason or new system and so on but really there's no excuse for not running when it's open for a first down and throwing into multiple coverage was too aggressive at the wrong time. I'm sure he'll be better moving forward. 

As noted above, we seemed to lack a bit of variety. I was really impressed in the pre-season by the play calling and varying the attack but all that was seemingly forgotten. A little concerning but maybe it was just rustiness and first hit out syndrome. It's one to keep an eye on.

Running game was a bit of a mystery, looked like it started working well in the second half then we just almost panicked and left it for dead it seemed. Wouldn't be so bad but half our damn roster is running backs 😁

Turnovers at costly times, don't need to elaborate really.

Lack of what we saw in pre-season from McDaniels. Less variety, less efficiency, less application and a terrible, gimmicky WR throw play which backfired. Not what I hoped for, I thought we'd be slick, controlled and efficient and we were anything but. Not going to panic this early but something to keep an eye on.

OLine woes. I'm not going to put them in ugly as we all kind of expected them to be honest, we knew we were struggling and we didn't really try to scheme around it with heavy sets or lots of chipping from what I recall. I can't really blame the linemen as we all knew they were overmatched.

Pass rush. There was precious little. If Crosby wants to be called elite he has to now and again wreck a game like Mack. Pressures are all well and good but the best just have that little bit more. Jones was virtually anonymous too which was very, very disappointing. Don't want to be too down on Crosby or seem like I'm being too critical on him in particular as he was probably still our best Dlineman but all offseason we've been told how awesome he is and Mack just showed how to do it for real, when it really counts. 

The Ugly

I can accept the odd interception if we're going for it or taking chances but what really frustrated me was one play where we had I think 3rd and 3 and Carr threw to Adams incomplete and there was acres of room for him to run for the first down, that is simply bad. First thing there is get the first down, especially when you're attempting a comeback. Get the first down and then you can go again. If he was Brady or Manning and basically can't run then fair enough but he's quite an athletic guy. No excuses there that was ugly as so frustrating.

Losing to the perennially overrated Chargers is always ugly.

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9 hours ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

He’s not all pro anymore lol. He’s a low end one. Which is still really good.

arguing over little differences... point is your going to play against top OT, so u just go ok OT was good so i don't expect anything? 

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The good- Adams, Waller,jacobs, Hobbs and Crosby. All played well and came as advertised. 
the defense overall. 
The bad- Carr (definitely looked like he could’ve used some PS reps) his 3 picks were bad, and so was the miss to Waller on the first drive. The tranquil and Samuel picks were especially bad cuz those throws should’ve been “either the receiver catches or no one does” throws.

the O- line

chandler Jones - you’re getting paid, play like it.

the play calling

the ugly- the O- line shuffle 

the adams to renfrow double reverse mess.... lmao+smh- jmd do yourself a favor and place that play squarely in the round file. 

On a side note- yes I flippin hate not playing guys in the preseason!!!

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7 hours ago, RaidersAreOne said:

The sky is not falling. 



Seems like last year all over again just with diff faces. Only diff is adams is literally gonna have to be Carr’s shrink to get his #’s. Saw one clip before a commercial with carr on the bench after a int sitting by himself talking to himself.

just like last year Defense holds a team to under 25 and we still can’t score at least 21. But now it’s adams, hunter, waller, jacobs, all healthy and the “best” young offensive mind calling plays all very handsomely paid etc and still go in the half with only a fg is pathetic. Coaches had months to prepare for this game. Chargers were missing their best wr and cb and it didn’t matter. 

defense looked ready even after losing our lb, safety etc

offense looked like they’ve never played together vs a organized team before that’s mostly on the coaches and vets.

sky isn’t falling but I’m very disappointed. Had months to prepare and we looked like we procrastinated. 

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OL is what we all knew it’d be. Hopefully we can clean it up. 

Carr left some TDs on the board. Needs to spread the ball around and use all his weapons.

got to run the rock. 

all in all a lot of the issues we had are fixable and we were still In position to win. 



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It's week 1, don't overreact. The Chargers are a legit playoff team with an MVP caliber QB. 

Herbert really impressed. Defense was getting pressure, he was quick to escape it and his arm talent is absolutely  deadly on the move. He had some wow throws few QBs will make. 

Oline, we can be quick to judge but they had some good reps. It will take some time to gel. I do question the rotation on the Oline effecting that. Something to watch going forward. 

Carr did the same thing week 1 last year. Zero'd in on Waller and made mistakes. Result was a bit different this year. He will learn from it. He's at his best spreading the ball around. Can't argue they needed to commit to the run. Jacobs looks fresh and they needed to be more balanced.

Defense looked okay. Made some play. Hobbs looks like he could really be something special. Not going to panic on Chandler, he was facing an all-pro LT who doesn't give up much of anything. 

Now let's see how they adjust for week 2 at home. Arizona was embarrassed, they will be looking to rebound themselves. Need to be ready. 

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