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TIRT: MIN, DET, That other team no one likes


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MIN (3-1)
That other team no one likes (3-1)
CHI (2-15)
DET (1-3)


Bears winning and Packers losing always makes for a good day.

The Packers defense/ST are still bad and Rodgers has nobody he trusts to throw the ball to.


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Yup, any Sunday that results in a Bears win and a Packers loss is a good Sunday.

Not the single most impressive win I've ever watched but the offensive highlights were definitely worth the price of admission.  That first TD to Pettis was straight out of the Aaron Rodger "playground football playbook".  Gotta feeling that won't be the last of those we see this year either.  Feels good to know we have an extremely mobile QB who can think well on his feet.

Defense did a nice job of holding up their end of the bargain too.  EJax with a pick and nearly two and some sackage by the rookie Robinson.  He could be a very good find.  Overall the game went better than expected and for me at least one huge issue was a lack on penalties that hurt us.  This team is 100x more disciplined than any other Bears teams of late.

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9 hours ago, blkwdw13 said:

Shouldn't he (Rodgers) have come out of the play after that, he was stumbling around after trying to get up. Or maybe the ayahuasca isn't good for during the games. 🤷‍♂️

I think he should go into concussion protocol for the rest of the season.....but maybe that's just me.

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3 hours ago, Pool said:

Bostic feels like such a long time ago

HAHA  It really does, don't it?  Every time I see him I think to myself how the hell does he keep getting signed, much less getting solid PT?  He was awful with us and nothing changed. Not even in PIT when he surrounded by talent. 

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Vikings got help from the refs.

Nice try from Lutz.

Olave is going to be a beast (one foot away from putiing Lutz in better position. Great effort though. 

3 NFCN teams could be 3-1 after today.  Vikings are 3-1, Packers play NE, and we play the Giants. 

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52 minutes ago, JAF-N72EX said:

Watching Rodgers putting up 2TDs a game with Lazard, Cobb, and 2 rookies while our offense can't even manage 1 is very frustrating.  

Remember when the Bears stunk 2 weeks ago but it was fine because Green Bay is good defensively? But now someone named Bailey Zappe had a 107 QB rating against them, so I wonder what the excuse for the Bears is now

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