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Who killed you this week 2022


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I've managed to draw Mahomes, Herbert (when he and his OL were healthy), and Allen in successive weeks so far... oh, and also Russell Wilson is crap (not that I started him this week, but Goff only did marginally better for me).

That said, I don't expect the Broncos to figure it out offensively until at least their bye, because Hackett and Russ don't seem compatible.  So I'm debating whether Russ isn't a better waiver wire landmine to sabotage other rosters because of his name value.  I could snag Dak off waivers and hope he's back sooner than later (he said he's targeting Week 5, I'm more like to believe that they may sit him out through the first Eagles game and bring him back against Detroit), but that means committing to starting Goff till that point; also it feels eerily similar to the situation I was in last season where I picked up, ironically, Russell Wilson off of waivers following his finger injury and didn't get a single quality start out of him.

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3 hours ago, EaglesPeteC said:

I am streaming QB’s gone wrong

Points from the QBs this season

Week 1: Trey Lance 8.96

Week 2: Trey Lance 2.5

week 3: Mariota 15.56 

week 4: Mariota 2.86

week 5: Goff 4.86

week 6: Geno 11.68


like I might be for real cursed lol

This year was the year to take a QB early vs waiting on 1.  

Top 6 scoring teams in my main re-draft league have in some order
Mahomes, Hurts, Jackson, Allen, Burrow, Kyler as their QB.  

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I feel like the way to go is getting an elite QB- and going early on TE makes your team scary. That’s if you know your fantasy. If you know RBs, WRs you will still have options. I also thinking a good TE2 is smart. There’s only so many good TEs, why screw yourself if your stud gets hurt. Good luck trying to find another TE on waivers. I’m loving my Andrews Goedert combo. I feel save and have Trade bait. 

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