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What should Dallas do at QB?


What should Dallas do at QB?  

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  1. 1. Should Dallas...

    • Ride out the storm with Rush/DiNucci until Dak returns?
    • Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo?
    • Trade for another player (put name in post below)?
    • Garrett Gilbert was not all that bad..is he still available?
    • Put Dak on permanant IR and bank on a top draft choice?
    • Sign available free agent/practice squad player (name below)

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1 hour ago, Danger said:

If you guys can get a decent stop gap guy I see no reason to mail in the season. You should be able to get Jimmy G, or maybe Andy Dalton for a reasonable deal I reckon. 

I think Dalton makes the most sense if we’re gonna deal for someone. Could even be a precursor to trading for Payton in the offseason, a little quid pro quo

I would probably rather just tank though

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I dunno. Prescott looked horrible all game.

Injury or not, he looked like a deer in headlights.

A lot of hypothetical ish to play with. 

But let's start with facts:

1. It IS only game one. Dak WILL be back at some point, guessing week 8.

2. There are 17 games. If we can go 3-4, realistically, by the 8th game we may have a shot to make a legit run. We have some weak teams in there. Win 4 or 5 and 8-4 probably puts us in a WC contention.

3. O line MUST improve or we got nothing. No matter who is QB.

4. Defense plays well enough to keep us in games. Not every opposing QB is Tom Brady. With that said, a stout D, a power running game and a little luck, we could win 3 games out of the next 6.

So, again I dunno, but after my temper tantrum, this is what I arrived at.

On the other hand, if we end up going 1-7, it's time to start thinking about cutting or trading:

Zeke, Dak, DeMarcus, and a host of players.

Stock pike picks, take the cap hit for 1 year, because they would need to draft a QB anyway, groom him for a season, buold around:

T Smith, Parsons, Diggs, Williams, Lamb

I mean, you got some solid players there.

Get a HC that is with the times, build around our youth, look to be in contention in 2 to 3 years, again, knowing next year is a wash, and...

Ohhhhhh ****! I did it again. I caught myself daydreaming about what it would be like if we had an owner that knew how to turn it around.

Damn it!




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Garoppolo isn't going to solve your issues at receiver. He isn't going to solve your patchwork OL. He isn't going to solve your offensive coordinator who should probably not have a job in the NFL at this point. 

Ride it out with Rush and hope for the best. 

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