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2022 General Season Talk


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10 hours ago, bigbadbuff said:

Holy **** is next week massive.

We are looking at either hosting the Chargers Wild Card weekend or Jags/Ravens (assuming Cinci and KC take care of business round one) in the divisional round.

It would be very Bengals for them to win next week but lose to Baltimore in week 18 netting us the 2nd seed lol.

I know the Bengals have won 7 straight but I really do think we take this game. They've had some injuries on the DL and now OL. I also don't think outside of KC they have looked that impressive. Which reminds me....time for a GDT

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On 12/27/2022 at 4:16 PM, Thelonebillsfan said:

It's insane listening to national media who you can tell never actually watch Bills games and hate that we're frontrunners because marketshare. Like you'd think we're some frisky 9-7 team and not the 1 seed despite playing maybe the worst weather schedule in history lmao.

With the best point differential in the NFL

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2 hours ago, BillsGuy82 said:

I think we gave up on Isaiah Hodgins too early. Hes looking like a star the last couple weeks with the Giants 

To be fair they wanted him back on the PS.

But no doubt he’s taking full advantage of his opportunity. 

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