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Week 2 - GDT - Visit to the Steel City


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 I had this down as a loss, with Pitt scoring all their points on defense.  Now I have no clue with this one without Watt. Major loss.

1. Pats could dominate, put up a goose egg on defense. RB Harris weak from injury and Tribisky is  God awful.

2. Pats could lose on turnovers and Mac under tremendous pressure.  

3  The good thing is BB has Pitts number. No matter what it is, crucial ST fumbles, Pitts DB mistakes or lucky call at the goal line!!

4.  Flores factor, IMO I think he's a great coach. Screw Tua and Fins media.


Side note  

Polamalu can't hold Rodney's jock. Its a joke Harrison not in the HOF !!!!!

Rodney = 34 picks  30.5 sacks.

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Staring Episode 2 GIF by The Office

Pitt is coming off a tough win against a division rival and have another one next week. They also won't have Watt. We're coming off an embarrassing loss and we all know this team reacts to those types of losses.

Crappy offense will likely make this game a grinder.

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