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Falcons @ Rams


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3 hours ago, BStanRamFan said:

We're currently ranked 8th in run blocking, 27th in pass blocking according to PFF. The injuries and shuffling will catch up.


I can't see us getting to 11 based on what we've seen. Schedule is just too tough.

I just want to be a WC and have low expectations around the league. It's going to take a few weeks to get there as we're still defending champs, but once we settle close to .500 around Thanksgiving, we'll be an after thought. That's when we make a run in December and become a 5-6 seed. 

I'm guessing we'll be 4-4 heading into the Nov 13th game against Arizona. But then we have Chiefs, Saints, Raiders, Packers, Chargers. Maybe we get 2 of those if we're lucky? 10-7, 9-8 is where I'm landing. 


The schedule is seemingly always tough for the Rams every year. I was just talking to my friend an hour or so ago and I said I can see the Rams being (6-2) heading into Tampa. We split with the Niners, sweep the Cards and Seahawks so Im not even worried about the NFCW. The Saints in the dome will be tough but can you count on Winston IF he is even healthy to not screw his team up with turnovers? The Rams defense already has 6 takeaways so thats a plus. I think we lose to the Chiefs and Packers due to the game being on the road. The Raiders find ways to screw up too so yes on paper it seems tough I can definitely see the Rams winning. The Chargers will could beat the Rams and I think they will. So I see (11-6) at worst bc the cream will rise to the top and the Rams are a well coached team with guys who just know how to win. They been there done that and as the season goes along the Rams will start to round into the defending Superbowl form. I dont see (9-8). You could be right about (10-7) if the injuries keep piling up or the Rams just get unlucky with the ball bouncing or certain calls. But Im sticking to (11-6) at worst. I just think the schedule looks more tough on paper than if you actually watch how teams like the Saints, Raiders, and even the Broncos are looking right now. The Rams can and will beat them. Even the Packers dont look all that dominant right now. The Bucs defense is great but the offense is struggling with injuries on the OL and WR's.

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On 9/20/2022 at 12:25 PM, stl4life07 said:

Now the OL is hurt which is a concern but the backups showed they are more than capable of stepping up and doing enough to let Stafford move up and down the field getting the Rams scoring 31pts and winning.

Allen should be back Week 4 or 5?  Week 6 at the latest, from the sounds of it.  That'll will allow Shelton to move back to RG where he was intended to play.  Depth still isn't great, but with Bruss breaking camp (or at the time of his injury) projecting only as the RG2, I don't see how Les will feel in anyway pot-committed to shy away from adding another OL piece via trade if the right opportunity presents itself.  But FWIW, Oday Aboushi before his own injury last season was looking strong for the Chargers; particularly considering that he was having to carry Storm Norton's bum arse next to him at RT.

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