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Buccaneers WR Mike Evans suspended one game


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Hopefully this one is appealed.

If we’re going along the lines of “your conduct could have caused serious injury to an opponent”, that opens the door for a suspension for pretty much every on field, after the whistle run in.

He’s injured anyway, so a game off will help him get healthy, but the league needs to be challenged on their selective, arbitrary application of that logic.

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30 minutes ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Lattimore must be good at getting under skin. Metcalf also has a thing with him doesn’t he?

Lattimore gets under the skin of anyone WR that struggles with being pressed at the LOS as he's an absolute beast at pressuring early to throw off the timing and then staying in your hip pocket basically removing you from the play.

Surprised it's only one game though considering this is a repeat offender for being a punk cuz he's being shutdown.

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