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Week 3 GDT: Raiders @ Titans


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With our excellent start to the season, we're right in the thick of the AFC South race, and this upcoming stretch of games will be crucial in deciding if we're actually going to remain in said race. We've got LV, @IND, @WAS, bye, vs IND, @HOU over the next 6 weeks.

If the team wants to get it's act together and play like it's halfway competent, it can't ask for a much better stretch than this to do it in. The Raiders are likely to be the toughest opponent in this stretch, playing the Chargers well and having a game vs the Cardinals where they dominated the first half and should have won running away with it.

I think it's pretty well established that I don't jump to conclusions/rush to judgement early in seasons, but this probably is our season. If the team comes out and looks lethargic and keeps tripping all over itself like it's done the first two weeks, it's likely time to put the nail in the coffin. Do some soul searching this week, show up and play well, and maybe there's still something to salvage out of the season.


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2 minutes ago, titansNvolsR#1 said:

If Radunz shows out (highly unlikely), then it could be a blessing in disguise. Hate it though as I love Lewan.

He did good in his one and only start at LT.. I never understood why we never moved him back.. he clearly isn’t good on the right 

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OK, Here is Optimistic KingTitan:
If you look at teams around the league last year for reference,
The hated Colts started 0-3 and still controlled their own destiny as far as the playoffs went.
Patriots, Eagles, Steelers started 1-3 and all made the playoffs.
Chiefs started 2-3. Made the playoffs.

Now we can make the playoffs probably, but I think we all moved past just being ok making the playoffs. 


Now to the bad: No Lewan, Landry, Molden, Fulton, Farley (is still swimming), No Ugo.
LBs are bad.
OC is off.

We are going to have to find a way to run the ball to shorten games and hope our defense can bend but not break. 

Get ready to see CB's playing 15 yards off again. 

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Don't see how the Titans win this game with no Lewan and all the injuries on the defense.

Raiders got two great pass rushers and one of the best if not the best WR in Davante Adams and a great set of weapons with Waller and Renfrow too.

I don't see this going well yet again. Raiders 27- Titans 16

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15 hours ago, deeluxx3 said:

really excited to see our offense again

if we turn this into a track meet, we win for sure


struggle seeing the raiders...any team, really...keeping up w/ us offensively

Lol this may be the best sarcastic post ever.

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