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Week 3 Thread: Philadelphia Eagles (2-0) "at" Washington Commanders (1-1) - 1 PM on FOX


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2 hours ago, IHatesnyder said:

Just saw a breakdown of the defense during the Lions game.


 William Jackson and McCain need to be benched and it isn’t even funny . I can send the video if anyone is interested .

The problem is their back ups are worse or really, really inexperienced. Our depth is awful.

WJ3 isn’t plying today so, we’re going to find out how good these young 7th round & undrafted DBs are.

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2 hours ago, IHatesnyder said:

Release mayo 

They should’ve had a better option than him as their 3rd LB/back LB on the team starting in March but I don’t see them releasing him now. Personally, I think Mayo is a JDR guy & Rivera is allowing Jack to keep his one guy. It’s the only explanation I have for him being on the team given how we run our D.

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2 hours ago, Woz said:

If you release him now, he just becomes dead cap as he was signed before the season and is a vested veteran. No savings.

He's a free agent at the end of the season, so no cap space gained beyond the fact he isn't on the roster. Again, no savings (beyond him not being on the roster).

release him 

👍🏻Him off the roster will help 

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