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The memories of when we were meaningful team WFT


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Fair enough, totally understand, I didn't even know they existed until 1981/2 that is when games started getting shown over here and when I saw the helmet decals and heard the name I picked them as my team so it is a bit different for me. 

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On 10/8/2022 at 4:00 PM, butz65 said:

I profoundly apologize, I watched the game having a few brews and I am sick of seeing the same thing week in week out, so I came on here to blow off steam with fellow Skins fans that have been let down year after year, my friends do actually call me potty mouth after I have had a few. 🤐

No worries, my friend. I have fairly salty language and most of the profane words my kids have learned have been from me. So I'm no angel.

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