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2023 NFL Draft Class


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3 hours ago, Bobby816 said:

I think with confidence I can say we wont be drafting in the top 5 and probably not even top 10. Probably some where between 10-20. It'll be time to see how JD does in a regular draft. Last 2 drafts we've had a ton of valuable picks, which made it easier to turn this thing around. 

I agree and I think he's the perfect GM for that type of situation. 

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1 hour ago, jetsfan4life51 said:

Anyone know why Brandon Joseph is playing CB and not S?

I have not watched ND games but from my understanding he is a starting safety for ND. If their best 3 DB happened to be all safeties then one of them could line up at CB as Joseph has some CB experience.  

Or as Joseph has fixed on being successful in pro, he may play CB to boost his NFL value.  Who knows.

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7 hours ago, Bobby816 said:

Hasn’t he played S all season at ND? I mean he has the size to play there. I know he played CB at NW… but imagine he transferred to ND knowing he was moving to S.

I'm going off of what I've read or what sites have him as and most still have him listed at CB.  I haven't watched but you may be correct.

And while LB can be easy to fill and many may question the value of 1st round (especially with how Isiah Simmons' career has started relative to hype), it's hard to not love Trenton Simpson for this defense.  Also not a bad pass rusher.

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14 minutes ago, Bobby816 said:

He also values certain positions though

He does but what are they?  when majority of this group thought it was a bad idea to go corner with our top pick leading up to the draft, he did it. No one knows what he doesn't value. If anyone mocked us trading up for a RB, people would have lost it. He has positions he values, but he's not going to just pick a position just because he needs one. He's going to look at the best player out of all the needs. If he has 2 prospects with the same grade, then the position value will likely play a part. 

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