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Week 4 GDT Texans vs Chargers


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7 minutes ago, Marco79 said:

Lovie is doing exactly what Caserio wants. Also, Burkhead being on the team is by Caserio’s design, he could have gotten a real RB2 all off season, but he didn’t. 

Bingo. There were better options than Marlon Mack, and Marlon Mack was a better option than Rex Burkhead - but we see how the roster is set up.

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3 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

At this point I’m all for hiring Mccown. Maybe thinking outside the box will make an impact. Especially if he hires staff 

Can it be worse than this? Probably not. And, y'know - if you find lightning in a bottle, good for everyone.

I know I'm done with Lovie already. If his purpose is to build a culture, he's doing so at the expense of fundamentals in football - guys can't tackle or make basic blocks in pass protection, passes that should be routine are being missed high and wide - those are coachable errors happening weekly and they're not being coached out of these players.

There’s a reason Lovie was fired as many times as he’s been fired; When he doesn’t have a stacked defense with a HoF MLB along with the greatest ST weapon of All Time… he doesn’t win. 

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8 hours ago, lumberjackchris said:

Fire Lovie now.

So what I'm reading is when Burkhead is in the game, it's a pass play because everyone knows he aint running it on 4th and 1. Good teams don't do this and it's rather simple. Your best offensive weapon needs to be in that spot. 

And for the record, I have no problem with what they do with their #2 RB. The issue is that their #2 is Burkhead who can't outrun me with their being plenty of youthful options out there. 

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