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Clarkfn's Week 3 Review @ Denver aka Groundhog's Day


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You know the drill



Jimmy was awful. He was inaccurate and had terrible feet all night. He misses Deebo for 6 and then gets him again and lays a lollipop on his back shoulder because he doesn't trust himself to make the throw. If he hits him in stride there its also 6. The offense should have had 21 and because of Jimbo they ended up with 10 and the Broncos were essentially gift wrapped all of their points. Somehow Jimmy managed to outscore himself for the other team. This is the movie. Jimmy is what he is. The rest of this season will look similar. He will have games where he wont kill you and then he will have last nights game. THe one thing about JG in this offense is that if read one on timing routes is not there he panics and throws up the ball. I don't see a ceiling at all other than the one that is falling in on the team.

RB: B-

JWJ look fine. Run blocking was not great and he showed continued burst and an ability to make guys miss as well as the ability to be an option on check downs. He has to do a better job knowing someone is trailing him on the fumble. Mason gets 1 carry and looks explosive. Nothing to see there apparently. Juice got his annual target, made a nice catch and wont be seen again. The book is out on what the team tries to do with Deebo. The genius playcaller has hit a wall when it comes to getting him the ball. Defenses are trying to beat Deebo to the outside and looking to not give up the edge. Unfortunately, Deebo is going to have to seem some inside runs. Im not looking forward to that. We need to see ,ore pass concepts for Deebo out of the backfield as well. 


Aiyuk was a virtual non factor after his TD. 3 rec on 8 targets. It makes zero sense. Danny Gray again not on the field, Ray Ray gets a single target and nothing else. It's hard for me to even grade these guys because it's honesty not their fault. Deebo should have had a line more like 5 for 120 and 2 versus his 5 for 78 if he had a competent QB instead of a guy with a 16% completion percentage on deep balls.


Why would you want to get the ball to your high priced "elite" TE? Makes too much sense I guess. Kittle was doubled and I even saw times where Surtain was on him. He was fine for what action he saw. I think the PA rollout on the safety was designed for him, but it looked like he tripped or slipped at the line. Kyle has to do a better job of getting him the ball in designed simple plays. 


OL was not good. McGlinchey killed a single drive on his own with a penalty and then missing the help for Burford. The IOL struggled. Brendel especially. Banks had the better game of the three. Williams was fine and his injury is going to be brutal. The team needs to roll with McKivitz and or hope that Nick Zakelj is ready because Williams will be out 6-8 weeks Im guessing and Jaylon Moore isn't an option. How he is still on this team is mind blowing. Not sure who the fumble was on, but it looked like Brendel was a little short with the snap. Likely the worst performance yet by this group.

DL: A-

4 sacks a ton of pressure, good in the run gaps for the most part. Givens looked good again. Drake Jackson gets his first sack and looked the part. Bosa was continuously causing problems. Akeem Spence looked good. I dropped them down because they let Russ get loose late and because Kinlaw continues to be so bad in his run gap responsibilities. He continues to get turned around and ends up chasing the play. He just lacks overall consistency. This unit will continue to be a strength and will give this team a chance every week. They have to figure out how to get Kinlaw to be better. 


These guys were flying around. Warner was playing with purpose and felt like he was in every play. Greenlaw and Azeez played well throughout. This group tackled extremely well. 13 tackles 11 assists for the group combined. DFF filled in nicely for Azeez. This will be important moving forward because the Azeez injury looked ugly.


Ward continues to be as advertised. He had the forced fumble and was sticky all night. Moseley was actually quiet imo. He had 8 total tackles, but just seemed to not feel the same as he usually does. No news is good news in most cases. Lenoir had a very good night. He was physical and was flying into the flats to make tackles. Interesting that he was in over Womack with no explanation whatsoever. I have a very high level of confidence in this group this year. Amazing what health and a single good acquisition can do. Super excited for Verrett to get back to see what he can add.

S: A

Gipson and Huf were good as usual. Huf's game felt a little underwhelming, but that is just the expectation he is creating for himself. He still shows up weekly and he did again on the TFL. Denver didn't look down field a whole lot in this game.

ST: A+

Wish had ample opportunity to be great and he was. He was helped in large part by the gunners who continue to be stellar. Moore communicated to Womack on his leaping touch to keep the ball out of the end zone after Moore ran out of bounds and couldn't be the first to touch the ball. They need to find a way to get Ray Ray going. The returns are looking Richie James like. 

Coaching: C

Kyle is holding back the group. His offense is terrible right now. Nothing is new, its vanilla as Russ Wilson and his gimmick plays to Deebo are no longer working. This is the offensive genius? This is the great play designer and great playcaller? No, this is Kyle being generic and taking too much time to adjust to what is happening on the field. His scripted plays are perfectly executed. He lacks adjustments and believes too much in his system at times. Mason gets a single touch and looks good, but never sees a touch again. Wilson averages 6 per carry, but has 12 carries. Jimmy is slinging it though......Kyle declines a 3rd down penalty that would have pushed the Broncos out of field goal range with the way his defense was playing and instead opts to allow for Denver to kick a FG. His decision making is a mess and his usage of players sucks as well. All the talk about rhythm after the fact, but in the flow he did nothing to establish it. Kyle has to get out of his own way, get more creative with space and get the ball into his playmakers hands. He called a single bootleg and did so in the shadow of his own endzone. He opted to leave a free rusher in his QBs face on a playaction boot in the back of his own end zone. Think about that for a second.......Now he heads into a Monday Night game in desperate need of redemption against a team that he has had success against, but who also knows all the tricks to the trade when it comes to his offense and the QB he has under C. He has to figure this out. I don't know how many more of these I can do at this pace. Maybe this week we can get Kittle invovled some more? 


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