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Week 4 Thread: Commanders (1-2) at Cowboys (2-1): 1 PM on FOX (GIF Theme: John Wayne/Clint Eastwood)


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As we try and get through another week, let's remember IT IS DALLAS WEEK. And we hate Dallas.

Season Leaders

Passing Yards


C. Wentz 82-130, 861 YDS, 7 TD, 3 INT


C. Rush 47-75, 514 YDS, 2 TD

Rushing Yards


A. Gibson 40 CAR, 124 YDS, 2 TD


E. Elliott 40 CAR, 178 YDS, 1 TD

Receiving Yards


T. McLaurin 12 REC, 235 YDS, 1 TD


N. Brown 15 REC, 213 YDS, 1 TD

Team Stats

wsh.png&h=100&w=100 dal.png&h=100&w=100
Points Per Game 21.0 15.3
Points Allowed Per Game 27.3 17.3
Total Yards 373.7 334.0
Yards Passing 287.0 216.0
Yards Rushing 86.7 118.0
Yards Allowed 419.0 338.3
Pass Yards Allowed 290.3 202.3
Rush Yards Allowed 128.7 136.0


0 combined points in the first half the last 2 weeks.




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Maybe we'll beat Dallas because they're thinking we're the Steelers. Lol


Seriously though...

The ONLY cool thing about the name change, uni changes & helmet changes is this, imo.

We get to see our team dawn black uni's.

My thoughts....hell, we might as well.

They've stripped us from Redskins

They've tried to incorporate the HTTR song with a new cheesy, corny, stupid, substitute.

Our team sucks

Our coaches suck

Our players suck

Our stadium & field sucks

Our fans suck

Now we get to have either a dog, or a hog as our mascot. Are you ******* serious?

Jacoby gets snubbed from the HOF

Brian Robinson gets shot

The list of suck just keeps on coming....

Imo, EVERYTHING about this team, our Country, the current state of the World, etc.

Is Dark....real Dark.

Black even....

So I see nothing better than to represent that going into Dallas next week wearing these Dark ludicrous (nothing to do with Washington Redskins football or tradition)

Black uniforms. We're doing everything to erase Redskins tradition & United States history.

So what better, than to wear exactly what everything looks like to me regarding the world we currently live in & the football team I have loved since I was 5 years old.

BLACK Darkness

Who knows? Maybe they'll look like a football team next Sunday.

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