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Week 4 GDT: San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles Rams


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20 minutes ago, cHaInBrEaKeRiii said:

Apparently,  Purdy doesn’t miss….

If Purdy ends up being our QB of the future as mr irrelevant the year after trading everything for 3 overall, it’s a great story for generations to come. Doubtful at best of course, but would be a great story. Well, minus the part about missing on lance and spending 26 million a year on jimmy g, etc. 

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Watching the Seahawks and Lions consistently put up points week in and week out and then realizing it is no guarantee this team puts up more than 10 points in any given week is something else 😂.

If we win, we will be tied with the rest of the teams in the division but will have the tiebreaker due to the division record...If we lose, we will be the lone team in the division with only one win. That will be pretty sad, not going to lie, especially considering who two of those losses came against lol.

But if we get the win, we have the Panthers/Falcons in back to back weeks and we can go on a solid winning streak before we face off against the Chiefs. Big game tonight. 

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1 hour ago, Forge said:


It's crazy how lazy some of these guys are when it comes to watching and understanding where Jimmy is deficient. The guy already has a run game behind him, and elite level TE, a hybrid WR/RB that is elite and a stellar defense year over year. It's like there is a 1st rd pick that is going to help Jimmy actually see the robber in coverage.

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