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Week 6 Thread: Commanders (1-4) at Bears (2-3) - Thursday on Prime Video. MikeT14 will be at the game!


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I'm happy the Ron set himself up for failure with that one word answer. He been crappy with the media forever. He dont want to elaborate or explain anything. Now the quote going to bite him and he will be clarifying all week. I already know what he going to say dont happen overnight, and we got to work harder. 

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4 hours ago, RSkinGM said:

There's a location, walkable from the Stadium-Pizano's Pizza. Very good. They have a thin crust, deep dish. oxymoronic I know but excellent .

I've probably missed watching 2 games in 30 years. Sad isn't it? Anyway , Guess I'll miss this one due to lack of TV access. Greedy bastards !

I live in St Louis and have missed exactly 1 game since I moved out of parents house and was forced to pay for direct tv in the early 2000s.

This post is too much for me to handle after forking over $400 + $1800 a year for Sunday ticket.....

On a side note, does this forum not understand how great Amazon and Amazon Prime is? It's like the best thing ever....it's the BEST. 

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10 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

Months ago, some buddies and I decided we'd go to this game for the hell of it. A) I love Chicago and love going back. B) I promised to never set foot in FedEx Field ever again. 

We're sitting in one of the sections behind the goalpost about 11 rows back. Look for these shirts during a touchdown (if there is one):








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