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We're gonna win the next 4 in a row!


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Bears, Packers, Colts & Vikings.

Setting the stage for a Monday Night showdown with Philly & the turn of the season.

I know it seems crazy to say that. But after Rivera said "Quarterback" to the reporter who ask what our problem is?

I think your gonna see better blocking from our O-line & all the players from both sides of the ball playing like their lives depended on it.

Because it does....

So get ready folks! This Jeckyll & Hyde team is about to turn face!

What you are about to see, is a team on a mission. A team playing with some extra passion, that can only be explained....

In the Twilight Zone 😁. (This is not Rod Serling, but your everyday loyal fan aceinthehouse)

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I believe some drug testing is required 9due to all of us still being fans). This team will lose to the Packers, Colts (they already know everything about our QB) and Vikings (their QB knows this team and would love to cause it more pain). The Bears, we might win, but watch Fields have a once in a life time game against us.

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Yep. You’re probably right. It’s about time to take ourselves out of the QB sweepstakes so we stay in futility forever. The worst possible thing that could happen to this team is to go on a win streak. The season is over. They’re so far behind in the division race that it would take a miracle to catch back up so yeah, ruining our draft position to not make the playoffs sounds about right. 

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On 10/14/2022 at 12:05 AM, Vladimir L said:

Last thing we want is a 7-10 9-8 team


meqns mediocre draft pick that only can land project qb 

We’ll probably end up 7-10 again somehow. Watch Heinicke pull some magic over the next month and us be .500 or a game under when Wentz comes back mid Nov or early Dec.

Ugh Frustrated GIF by Equipe de France de Football

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