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Week 6 GDT Bills at Chiefs: Divisional Round Rematch


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Chiefs vs. Bills Odds & Picks For the AFC Championship: Why We Love Buffalo  To Cover This Spread

You would be hard pressed to find an October game with as much implication for January football than this one. 

The 4-1 Bills travel to the 4-1 Chiefs this Sunday at 4:25pm from Arrow Head stadium. The last time the Bills were there, they took the lead in the divisional round and were .13 seconds away from hosting the AFC Championship game. But then the grim reaper took the field and the rest is history.

The Bills may say this is just another game on their schedule, but make no mistake, this game means everything to the team and coaches. No one remembers the win in the regular season last year. They remember the the two straight losses in the playoffs. A win on Sunday increases the Bills chances of hosting the playoff game this time around. 


Early Prediction:

Allen has arguably never looked better and the offense is putting up yards and points like it's going out of style. Both Mahomes and Allen are incredibly special. Each will keep their team in the game until the end. I like the Bills roster much better this time around though.

Bills 34
Chiefs 31.


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I like the Bills as well in this but its Patrick Mahomes so I would not be shocked to lose. 

I think this is the best Allen has ever played and that dates back to the end of last season. IMO Mahomes and Allen have been on the same level for the past couple seasons and the reason I hope/think we pull it out is I trust our defense more than theirs. 

I'll also be going to the game, anyone else?!

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I think we beat them by 3 scores like we did about this time last year. I think we're better than we were last year and the Chiefs aren't as good. Our defensive line is much better than last year and we can consistently get pressure with our D line without blitzing. Mahomes is insane vs the blitz and we don't blitz. Our secondary could be tested but they have faced better WR cores than what they will see against the Chiefs in my opinion. I think not having Hill will allow us to focus on Kelce and make it difficult for him.

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4 hours ago, bigbadbuff said:

This game only means something to me because we need the one seed.

Still need to beat them in the playoffs before i can say we are on their level.

I think were on there level. This game will say alot about that. They didnt look good on MNF defensively 

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37 minutes ago, Billsfaninptown said:

Weird. I wonder what the point of him being on the active game day roster was?

According to The Buffalo Beat (the best bills podcast with Joe Buscaglia) Ed Oliver played 33% of snaps last week. A huge decline then what he's used to and a smart move to keep him fresh and healthy going into this week vs KC. 

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