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Which team finally beats The Eagles?


Which team beats Philly?  

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  1. 1. It will happen against...

    • vs Cowboys
    • vs Steelers
    • @ Texans
    • vs Commies
    • @ Colts
    • vs Packers
    • vs Titans
    • @ Giants
    • @ Bears
    • @ Cowboys
    • vs Saints
    • @ Giants
    • How did they get that schedule? Why can't my team have that schedule?

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6 hours ago, Forge said:

Dear god, what a weak schedule 

If the Steelers,  Colts, Titans, Saints were remotely the teams they were last season. That schedule looks different with Dal x2, Min and GB. 

It's why you can never assume W/L going into a season based off the previous year.

To much Parity. 

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The 2022 Eagles


At some point they will have a TO fest type game, absurd amount of penalties, game changing injuries and or take a team for grant assuming a gimme victory.

I'm not suggesting some undefeated juggernaut but the biggest threat to this Eagles team is injury and themselves left on this schedule. 

Chiefs, Bills another story altogether. 

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