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BDL 2022 Week 6 - Camden Hood Rats @ Ivory Coast Black Rhinos


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BDL 2022 Week 6

Match:  Camden Hood Rats @Ivory Coast Black Rhinos

 Away Owner:  @Jlash

Home Owner:  @RuskieTitan

 Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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QB- Matt Stafford
RB- Austin Ekeler
WR- Cooper Kupp
WR- AJ Brown
WR- Mike Evans
TE- David Njoku
LT- Dion Dawkins
LG- Will Hernandez
C- Ben Jones
RG- Kevin Zeitler
RT- Isaiah Wynn
RB- JD McKissic
RB- Pierre Strong Jr
WR- Nico Collins
WR- KJ Hamler
TE- Gerald Everett
TE- Zach Ertz
OL- Ethan Pocic
OL- Chuks Okorafor


DE- Josh Allen
DT- A’Shawn Robinson
DT- Davon Godchaux
DE- Montez Sweat
LB- Drue Tranquill
LB- Frankie Luvu
CB- Asante Samuel Jr
CB- L’Jarius Sneed
Nickel- Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
S- Justin Simmons
S- Jaquan Brisker


DE- Yannick Ngakoue
DE- Boye Mafe
DL- Osa Odighizuwa
DL- Andrew Billings
LB- Nicholas Morrow
S- Marcus Epps
CB- Bryce Callahan
CB- Greedy Williams



Ivory Coast

QB- Aaron Rodgers
RB- Nick Chubb
WR- Terry McLaurin
WR- Amon-Ra St. Brown
WR- Chase Claypool
TE- Evan Engram
LT- Kelvin Beachum
LG- Danny Pinter
C- Jason Kelce
RG- Zack Martin
RT- Teven Jenkins


QB- Davis Mills
RB- Ezekiel Elliott
WR- Curtis Samuel
WR- Randall Cobb
TE- Noah Fant
TE- Albert Okwuegbunam
OL- Josh Jones
OL- Damien Lewis


DE- Khalil Mack
DT- Christian Barmore
DT- Da'Ron Payne
DE- Myles Garrett
WLB- Devin White
MLB- Bobby Okereke
SCB- Greg Newsome II
CB- A.J. Terrell
CB- Trevon Diggs
S- Eddie Jackson
S- Kyle Dugger


DE- Josh Sweat
DE- Darrell Taylor
DT- Teair Tart
DT- Jarran Reed
DT- Milton Williams
LB- Patrick Queen
CB- Samuel Womack
S- Ashtyn Davis

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Today we go against an ICBR squad whose owner used to get absolutely smashed on Saturday night and barely have his team show up on Sunday. Now, he’s a changed man. He’s got a QB finally, so he gets obliterated Saturday night and turns the keys over to a stud player and screams “Jesus take the wheeeeeeel!” and it has been working so we have our work cut out for us.

Pick your poison- ICBR has a very good defense, but we think our offense is talented enough to be able to attack the Rhinos based on their coverage schemes. If they go 2 high, Kupp and Njoku will attack the middle of the field and up the seam where their coverage is susceptible. Should they go single high, look for Brown and Evans to both work a deeper part of the field, forcing Jackson into conflict. In a cover 3 look, expect lots of curls and out routes from our receivers. As usual, we’ll use a lot of motion before the snap to help identify what the Rhinos are doing on defense.

Run game- Ekeler has been on fire as of late and he’s our guy again today. Usually our WR’s get most of the attention from a defense, and the Rhinos have some speedy LB’s so Ekeler will probably be the least of their concerns but expect him to get involved early. With how good the DE’s are on this squad we need to establish the run to keep them honest. Like last week we’ll work some combo blocks on the inside to open up some lanes for Ekeler, and we’ll use draws, screens and delayed hand offs to find ways to get the ball in his hands. If we can have some success on the ground this can have a huge effect on the game.

Protecting Stafford- Stafford is on pace for what seems like 416 picks this year but he’s also on pace to be sacked 68 times so we know giving him more time than a line manned by guys named Alaric Jackson, Joe Noteboom and Jeremiah Kolone will be crucial to setting us up for success. While Ekeler running the ball will go a long way in helping subdue an all out rush from the Rhinos, he’ll also be tasked with hanging back a lot of the time in obvious passing downs to help be a last line of defense and give Stafford a bit more time.

Red zone- In the red zone, while we have big body targets to utilize in our 3 WR's, we think we have our biggest mismatch in our TE's on their LB's. If we can isolate a matchup there, we'll attack it. 


ICBR has a few good receiving options for Rodgers to go along with one of the better RB’s in the game so we’ll need to mix up our looks and be varied to control this offense today.

Press cover 3- With how many receiving options the Rhinos have, we want to make sure we limit big plays but also have enough men near the LOS to help combat that run game so the Press Cover 3 gives us our best shot. We can jam the WR’s at the line, messing up the timing of Rodgers quick hitters before dropping back into a deeper zone, but we also get our SS closer to the LOS to help our front 6 against the RB’s. Disrupting those quick shots also gives us a much better shot at our DE’s getting to Rodgers today with Williams out again.


Switching it up- Playing a single coverage against Rodgers isn’t smart, so we want to use other coverages today, but still attain our goal of keeping a S closer to the LOS so we can switch into a Cover 1 from time to time. If Samuel plays more than Claypool (as he should) then we’ll rotate to a cover 1 more often as Samuel does his work closer to the LOS and that works for us. This opens Brisker up from a shallow zone duty to being able to free lance and attack more. He can blitz Rodgers from the outside or jump into the lane of those shallow routes. Our corners will play sides when we switch to this, to avoid tipping going from zone to man and Briskers starting spot doesn’t look much different here as well. More obvious passing downs with 3 or 4 wide we can also run a simple cover 2 as we aren’t worried about the TE’s being able to threaten the seam in the slightest.

Run game- As stated in the coverage portions, we’re well aware of the dangers Nick Chubb poses so we’re running coverages that give us another defender near the line. Our front 4 is strong against the run, but having our LB’s aided by another tough defender like Brisker is going to be important. We’ll have our DE’s be aware of misdirections and counters by not being wildly aggressive on running downs and staying in lanes and being gap-disciplined.





Ivory Coast

Motivation: Beat Camden. Run the football, control the clock, protect Rodgers, exploit receiver matchups, win.

Primary Formation: 11 and 12 Personnel Single Back

We will split time between 11 and 12 personnel for this game, understanding we need to help out our tackles a bit, and we’ll also have some three tight end sets, mainly running plays but setting up some pass attempts as well. Evan Engram is starting at TE but we’ll rotate three tight ends. Josh Jones is back to being our swing lineman, operating as a 6th offensive lineman on goal line, and when we need a fullback in the I formation we’ll use Albert, and leverage Noah or Evan as the primary TE. Tevin Jenkins has been doing well at guard, and we’re going to kick him out to tackle, knowing we’re going to chip and help out with an extra blocker or two on pass plays. We’re going to focus on smart plays while setting up Rodgers with play-action pass off Chubb, leaning on the run game a bit more but still aiming for a balanced run-pass approach (55-45 goal), but fully prepared to step up one element if it is working well.

Running Game Focus:

Nick Chubb is going to get the bulk of the carries for this game, aiming for approximately a 75-25 split in touches between Chubb and Elliot. Ideally, we’re targeting at minimum 18 carries for Chubb, trusting that he’ll exceed 75 yards rushing. Majority of the snaps will be based out of single back sets, leveraging our tight ends as additional blockers when we bring them in. Rodgers will have full discretion to change plays at the line if he feels a run or pass will be more suitable. We’ll have a few counters once we set up the defense to commit to rushing the direction the play begins to unfold, and we’ll have the run establish the play-action pass to feature later in the game. We’re going to try and help our tackles out by leaning on the edge rushers with tenacity in the run game to beat them up and wear them down for Rodgers to cook later.

Passing Game Focus:

Rodgers is going to understand he needs to get the ball out quickly, and will certainly do so when the opportunities present themselves, but we’re also going to be heavily emphasizing additional blockers and taking downfield shots to McLaurin, St. Brown, and others. We don’t want to have our tackles isolated for long, and so we’re going to have our tight ends more in-line, assisting with chipping the edges and helping block at times. We’re also going to throw in several designed pass plays where the TE chips then quickly goes into the flat / sit on a hook route to allow Rodgers to take advantage of an over-eager defense. Our backs will primarily function as additional blockers, picking up blitzers or providing help, and if the play develops long enough, operate as a safety valve underneath. That said, we’re going to try and sneak a couple of wheel routes with Zeke if Rodgers sees the linebackers lagging. Terry and Amon-Ra are the primary receivers, but we’ll rotate the others and occasionally send one deep to see if Rodgers has time for a deep shot to develop, especially after Chubb has helped establish the run and set up play-action pass. We’ll try to send a player in motion to try and tip the defense pre-snap. If we have the lead in the second half, we’re going to still try and take advantage of the defense creeping up. With St. Brown’s return we’re hopeful that our offense can suddenly remember how to catch passes from Rodgers, and while we don’t have a specific go-to tight end, Rodgers is going to target the open man on passing plays.

X-Factor on Offense: Trent Williams:

He’s clearly the only reason this offense could move the football in the past, and understanding how dire the situation is for the team over the recent weeks, has spent additional time coaching up the tackles on the mental aspect and helping them prepare for the game on the field.


Defensive Formation: 4-2-5 Defense:

Anticipating 3 receiver sets, we will come out in a 4-2-5 formation. Payne and Barmore will man the middle, with Garrett and Mack on the edges. We’re going to have Devin White and Bobby Okereke as the off-ball linebackers, and run a trio of AJ Terrell, Greg Newsome II, and Trevon Diggs. We’re going to use Diggs and Terrell as our boundary corners, with Newsome II manning the slot. Terrell will be shadowing their primary receiver, but we’re perfectly satisfied with any of our corner assignments. If Camden wants to go with 2 receivers or fewer, Trevon Diggs will come out, and Patrick Queen will come on to take the weakside linebacker spot, with Bobby Okereke taking the strong side and Devin White holding the middle. Jackson and Dugger will operate at the safety spots, with Jackson being the primary deep safety. For dime situations (4 receivers) we’ll have Bobby Okereke come out and bring in Samuel Womack. If they ever go 5 wide, we’ll play a mixture of zone coverages rather than take out one of the four down linemen with a 4-1-6 personnel.

Against the Pass: 70-30 Man-Zone with Cover-1 or 2 Over the top:

We plan on using many different coverage schemes, but mostly we’re going to keep our safeties deep and avoid getting torn up by Matthew Staford’s deep ball, always having one back. Our corners are going to be up tight and aggressive, pressing / jamming at times to buy the defensive line time to pass rush, knowing we have help over the top. Devin White will be blitzing considerably during this game, often through the A-gap but also stunting around the interior defensive linemen. The other safety in cover 1 will be taking the back, if he’s blocking he’ll hover in the middle zone and also key on Allen. Okereke being the second LB will take the primary TE. If we feel they are getting too much passing with their backs and tight ends we’ll switch to a 3-3-5 and leverage Queen to cover the running back, taking out an interior DL. Our defensive line will be leveraging stunts on long passing downs, in hopes of being able to free up a rusher looping around. We trust that Eddie Jackson will likely be able to make an impact play, with his 3 interceptions already on the season and the pass rush in front of him.

Against the Run:

The defensive line will be focused on stopping Ekeler and company from gaining yards after contact. We’re going to rely on the speed and athleticism of our linebackers to help plug up any holes in the running game. We won’t be afraid to drop a safety closer to the line of scrimmage post-snap to help out in the box. We will maintain discipline and counter anything Camden throws at us, both prepared and on the fly. Our corners will be ready to make plays on the perimeter.

X-Factor on Defense: Hydra:

We’re going to continue to roll out our new version of Hydra this year – On third and long (8+), we’re going to kick Mack inside and throw Josh Sweat out there, with Garrett on the other edge (and alternating with Mack inside). We want to have our premier pass rushers on the field on obvious passing downs, and feel confident that our defense will put us in position to leverage this unit throughout the game to make impact plays.



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Things will get better for Ruskie when Williams gets back (possibly this upcoming week!) and he can put Jenkins in for Pinter.  I think there's enough negative plays to cause Rodgers to continue to get frustrated.  I think he'll hit one of two deep shots when terry beats a press cover three guy with no one behind him on the outside.  However, I don't think the CB talent is enough to get the job done against Camden.  While the edge rushers are superb for IC and are going to cause some problems for stafford, I think he does just enough to pull this one out

Camden 28-24

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With all of the chauffling on the offensive line the lack of Existence by Chase Claypool, The lack of effectiveness from the tight end position, I just don't see a scenario where Ivory Coast puts up enough points here to win the game against Camden I agree with BCB that when the oline for or Ivory Coast is back together back together I think they are going to be a much better team but right now I've got to give the edge to Camden.

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11 hours ago, wwhickok said:

the lack of Existence by Chase Claypool

I try to look at whole season performances so far instead of one week especially at this point and beyond of the season. This is generally true but he did catch 7 of 7 for 96 and a TD this week so maybe he’s on the swing up. However I do feel Camden’s offense is going to get some nice opportunities even against this defense. Jlash does a really good job of identifying his areas of weakness and providing support and plans to where is needed. I like the press cover 3 approach on defense as well. Ruskie smartly is helping his tackles with 11 and 12 personnel however I just think it limits more of his big play threats on the field. The tight ends can still be weapons and accounted for and it’s the right call by Ruskie but it’s just one of those tough positions to be in. I don’t think losing Trent Williams is a death sentence and the way these plans are written and the counters back and forth even if he played considering player production as well I’m taking Camden in this one. 

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This is a game with two QBs who are struggling irl in some part because of issues on the OL. And both of these teams also have some weaknesses on the offensive line here as well. Both defensive lines and secondaries are going to have a good time in this one. I think the main difference is that while IC has some good playmakers on offense, Camden has 3 legit top-tier #1 receiving options and I think they allow Stafford to make more plays than Rodgers ultimately.

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