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Coach's Halftime Thoughts - Week 11

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1. First drive, three and out, but Bell was tested early. On the third down pass play, he was left isolated by Eagles play design which pushed the rush strong side to leave Bell alone. Wittens chip helped, but Bell stood strong and held ground. We will see if Philly continues to slant to their left and test Bell's ability to hold up without much help from the play design or blocking scheme.

2. Dallas testing Wentz's ability to make his single reads faster than usual by playing man and blitzing him. This has not worked for other teams. I do not think it will work here either. Wentz is far too fast to diagnose his singular read vs man coverage - its actually where he has been at his very best. Dont like the idea. Will see ifnthey stay with this.

3. DLine pushing hard inside as if they have their ears pinned back. Early run success by Philly is directly correlated to this.

4. Big throw on Phillys first drive to set up the TD is a simple and classic hook read offensive play design. If the linebacker to that side shifts wide, the read takes Wentz to the vacated area on a hitch to the TE. If the zone stays inside and the corner is left responsible for shallow and middle to that side he is left isolated and alone by play design, and Wentz throws to the vacant area. Very simple design that is very tough to beat as a defense when a QB can make such a quick and well timed throw. No excuses for the defense, but keeping it so simple and being so good at it is really, really hard for a defense to make a play.

5. Fredrick and Martin are nothing like the throw back 90s blockers who paved ways for Emmitt. They are a different breed - theres power there, but that footwork and play in space (as such was their play on Morris' big run on second drive) is truly amazing. They wont out muscle many fronts. But they will out hustle you, beat you off snap, and use their feet to keep you out of position. Bignrun by Morris solely due to this ability of these two big guys.

6. Throw to Dez in the end zone was not a typical Dak throw. This ball was put too high and shallow and ran the risk of being picked. Bryant may have been expected to stay shallow and undercut the ball, however. Cant tell which player was truly responsible. But the one on one with Dez was clearly the best option out there and Dak stayed with it off the snap. If Dak puts it far and arched, Dez takes it for six. If Dez stays under the coverage and goes up for it, still favors Dez. A good look, a bad mistake by one of them. However, should have been a PI.

7. 3rd and long for Eagles after nice play to Jeffery: Typical play break down when a defense can key on what the singular read is on a single read play concept. Byron Jones played his coverage well to start the play and broke off to aid Scandrick when the robber-read design of the Eagles play was clear enough to do so. Jones took away one part of the read, then ran to aid the other, and Wentz was left with no choice but to scramble. This is what happens when you run such play designs as an offense and a defense can make the right assumption as to which concept the offense is banking on for that playcall. Also where Wentz is superb however - he gets that first down if not for a second effort hustle to get to him. One read or run for it works so freaking well with a guy like Wentz. He really is something. So fast to throw, so fast to make his read, and really swift on his feet if the read isnt there. Tough to stop that.

8. Prescott's int - Bell beaten off the snap forces a poorly timed throw, but 83 needs to hold onto that. It still landed in his bread basket, even if the ball was supposed to come out a little later in the route. Good placement by Dak. No excuse for 83 letting that slip out of his gut like that. Gotta feel bad for Prescott - 5 picks this year, and only 2 were really on him making a bad throw. On a more opinionated note, WR has to be one of this teams top 2 needs.

9. Jaylon Smith calling the signals on defense is surprising. While it was only for four plays by my count, both were with Hitch on the field as well. Guess the staff feels he is learning enough, to feel comfy with him doing so.

10. Well, I spoke too soon - that second pick was completely on Dak. Dak needs to take that sack. The pressure had him, the coverage was all over his receivers and there was no where to throw it. Any where he goes with that ball is going to be a pick. Why rush a terrible throw into coverage? Take the sack and punt it away. Very unlike #4 to throw that instead of eat the sack.

11. Inside zone is working for Morris but he is a very productive stretch zone runner, and this line produces yards on their own blocking the zone stretch. One has to wonder if Linehan just doesnt trust Collins to generate a lane on the stretch, because this play design has not been called once to this point of a couple minutes left in the second half.

12. No excuse for Brown to not intercept that ball. No one around him, no pressure on him to stop the catch. Guess thats why he plays defense.

13. To back track - Philly has continued slant their rush to isolate Bell, whos done a respectable job despite some pressures and a sack. Dallas has not stayed with the blitz and have played more front heavy hard zone, which has been troublesome for Wentz and the one read play designs. 

I have a feeling both teams are going to adjust their offensive playcalling. Wentz is.going to have two read play designs and Prescott is going to be given more freedom at the line like we saw the first 3 weeks of the season. We will see though.

Checkback during the week as I add more postgame.


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