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Week 6: Panthers


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Cmc is going to get the ball… there’s no reason he should be successful considering he’s the ONLY one getting the ball

Another awful screen on 3rd for the offense. How is it that we as fans can predict what’s going to happen but the pros can’t? Mcvay with these dumb screens is driving me insane. 

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Nothing happened on the play, but both RBs are on the sideline and you’re still playing 10 yards off their crappy WRs. That’s crazy. 

This defense is so soft. 3 guys on one side with cmc behind them for an obvious screen coming and he still picks up like 7


If they lose this game I’m done believing in this team. They need to get it together.

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3 minutes ago, LeotheLion said:

I hate how people just bring up the defense isn't allowing points. The offense is struggling. You can't just bleed clock and tighten in the scoring range. Play like a dominating unit and help out the offense. 

Because as fans we know the offense is pathetic so we can’t afford to bend on defense like we have before. Especially against an awful Panthers offense who’s clearly going to CMC every single play. 

and just like that.. we’re punting lol this is so ridiculous. Noteboom being carted off now too lmao what a joke 

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Im disgusted with the first half. No excuse for Stafford to throw that pick 6. Stop forcing it to Kupp. He almost threw two more picks. One was negated by offsetting penalties. The Rams scored a td on that drive. If Stafford doesnt make boneheaded mistakes the Rams will be fine. I really want to know what he is seeing? I get he has the arm talent that can make all the throws but he has to be smarter. Take a sack or throw the ball away (well not intentional grounding).

The defense settled down after giving up 3pts on the first drive. I like the way Henderson is playing and of course Kupp is Kupp. ARob got a td which is good. Stafford is the only one that need to step up bc if he cost us this game it will be no worse than when the Rams lost at home to the winless Jets and we know how many jumped down Goff throat for that loss.

I do think Stafford will get it together though. He make bonehead mistakes but he also will make great plays so I expect that to happen in the 2nd half. At this point we just need a win heading into the BYE. So Rams need to not turn the ball over, force some takeways and score and they should be fine.

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