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Week 7: Browns @ Ratbirds


Who Wins?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

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    • Seriously, are you looking for another option?
    • Nobody cares, Sundays are for things other than football this year
    • Let's all futilely hope Joe Woods gets fired after this game

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Tune in this Sunday

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(Seriously, find something else to do)

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The 2-4 Browns travel to Baltimore this Sunday at 1:00 EST to take on the 3-3 Baltimore Ratbirds.

The Browns are Top 10 in offense, 31st in defense, and 14th in Special Teams.

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The good news is, Jacoby Brissett is playing better than his backup quarterback status would indicate and is really going to give Watson a run for his money when he comes back after his 11 game suspension for sexually assaulting just a little over two dozen women.


Reasonable expectations:

The Browns have a pretty solid scripted first drive, leaning heavily on the running game, playaction passing game, screen game, with lots of motion and high efficiency concepts. They then fall so far behind after being stopped a time or two, that they become one dimensional, letting the game completely erode to the point of embarrassment, while the defense continues to lay egg after egg, blow coverages, and show a genuine lack of effort, intensity, and refuse to pursue the football. 

Thankfully though, Joe Woods is up sleepless again this week, so we should have a renewed sense of optimism.


Key Matchups:

Lamar Jackson vs. the 2nd Half and self implosion from the Ravens...it's certainly not against our defense.

Nick Chubb vs. a 9 man box.

Joe Woods vs. dropping below the Detroit Lions for sole possession of 32nd defensively.

Special Teams vs. competency.


Game is 1:00 PM on CBS. I'll probably be doing anything else.

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I’ve got Ravens 34 Browns 21

This isn’t a good Cleveland team this season. We have a few good individuals, and it’s unfortunate to see guys like Garrett and Chubb get surrounded by poor coaching and an inept group of support. My guess is a heavy dose of running backs Lamar Jackson and JK Dobbins against us this week for about 250-300 rushing yards.

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