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2022-2023 NBA GDT: The regular season is finally over!


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On 2/6/2023 at 5:05 PM, Kip Smithers said:

I mean there’s a lot of context missing here, but sure. 

Kyrie-Luka offensively gonna be dynamic. Jason Kidd as a HC is a big thing too. Gonna be fun to watch. 

ah **** i spoke too soon

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35 minutes ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

Never heard of cam Thomas until this week. Pretty impressive. 

I think it’s just defensively he’s a liability and he’s not really good off the ball. So when you have Kyrie, KD and to a lesser extent Seth he becomes kind of redundant. Now I do think he should’ve been getting more mins that he was getting because many times he was just a DNP. 

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