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2022-2023 NBA GDT: The regular season is finally over!


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6 hours ago, MikeT14 said:

When you look at max contracts across the NBA there are very few players that have actually provided good value. Guys like Jokic, LeBron, Tatum, Curry and a few others have definitely played up to the deals that they got. But a few stars have been too injury prone like Durant, Kawhi, AD so it's debatable if they've lived up to their deals.

But outside of the true superstars at the top of the league, teams almost never get a good ROI when they give out a max deal. We've seen guys like Westbrook, Wall, and Simmons get huge contracts and then completely fall off a cliff. And it's hard to see guys like LaVine, Beal, KAT, Gobert, Barrett, Herro, etc. ever living up to the contracts they received. 

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13 minutes ago, NYRaider said:

There's a chance that the Nets still make the playoffs this year, at least the play in, lol.

Who said they wasn’t going to make the playoffs? I still think they will be a top 6 seed. It’s not the end of the world bc they lost KD and Kyrie. Yes they arent title contenders bc they don’t have a superstar for the playoffs. But they still have young talent, defense, coaching, and shooting. Plus they play in the East and outside of the Celtics, Bucks, and MAYBE the 76ers in the playoffs bc we know they choke the Nets are capable of beating any of the teams. 

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