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2022-2023 NBA GDT: The regular season is finally over!


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6 hours ago, FinneasGage said:

i've been a suggs hater for like 2 years, but he's finally becoming a legit piece. he's a top 3 defender at the guard spot right now imo. throw him in there with jrue and smart. he's ******* insane. has improved his shooting/playmaking even though he's still not good at either. i have faith in suggs, which is something i couldn't say from jan 2022 - jan 2023. think he can really potentially hit that ceiling, which i've always kinda hoped/assumed would be something between marcus smart and jrue holiday. closer to smart than holiday. 

19 in 12 minutes tonight.

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25 minutes ago, packerstk7 said:

I don’t understand games like this from us. What business does this game have going to OT?

Last game before the AS break and Playing down to your opponent knowing their short. It happens. Especially with a well coached and deep team like the celtics. 

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