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Week 7 GDT: Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers


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Well...it's time to talk about the next game...

Decimated defense after just two weeks, up and down offense, weird game management choices by Kyle in crunch time...

And this guy coming to town...


49ers could get bootyclapped for sure. Mahomes/Reid losing two in a row just doesn't really happen. Chiefs are 2.5 favorites right now I think. Anyway, entire team just has to nut up, and try to get the W somehow. Hopefully the boys at least put up a fight regardless of the injury situation, and inferior triggerman. Strangely, if the 49ers split the next two games the win against the Rams on the road is probably the win you'd want as a fan. NFC and division opponent. Ahh well. We'll see what happens. It's been a weird year league-wide. 

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Whoops, I made the other thread...Hmmm...merge possible? Or someone just delete it. 

EDIT: Much obliged. :)

BTW forgot a score prediction for the game. I think the 49ers play tough at home, but the injuries will just be too much to circumvent. 

Chiefs 31

49ers 27

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Even if we had no injuries, this is a tough game.  We would still need to control time of possession and win the turnover battle.

With the injuries?  I don't see how this is a close game.  Chad Henne will probably be starting the 4th quarter.

I know that sounds pessimistic, and we do tend to play to our opponents' level often, but KC is one of the healthiest teams in the NFL and we're dead last, I believe.  

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Both Ward(s) out is a definite concern. I would imagine Jimmie would have been on Kelce and now with Jimmie having a broken hand, are we going to rush him back? 

I believe we can pressure Mahomes regardless if Bosa is in or not, but I like our odds with Bosa clearly. Our def is just in shambles simple as that. 

Offensively I believe we’ll be ok. Nothing great as along as Kyle doesn’t panic and stop running the ball like last wk. We can’t expect to run up the middle with Chris Jones waiting for us. Outside zones plz, I thought that was our bread and butter. 

Still think we lose, but wouldn’t be shocked depending on who comes back for us on def 


28 - KC

17 - SF

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The Chiefs don't have anyone who can get open besides Kelce.. even with the injuries, if the quick passing and running games can get in a rhythm we can hold on to the ball and limit the amount of possessions Mahomes gets. DL will get after him & their running game will do nothing.. MVS or even Moore will probably get behind the defense at least once


49ers- 20

Chiefs- 17


Gould wins it at the buzzer

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