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If Snyder is Removed Would You Want to Keep the Commanders Brand?



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  1. 1. Commanders?

    • Yes I would keep all of it
    • Keep Commanders, change the uniforms
    • Get rid of all of it, start fresh

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In my Madden Franchise my buddy & I are running.

I relocated Washington to San Antonio.

They are called the "Dreadnoughts".

Got like this Battleship on my helmet. 

That, would have been better.

I think Commanders is pretty bad, in a non creative, generic sorta way. I don't hate the name itself.

But I guess I expected a little more, from a name that has been with us for a very long time, plus the controversy it has caused as well.

Everything was just so anticlimactic. Is it Red Hogs.....? Is it Red Wolves....? What could it be...?

So yes, I want the name Commanders to live about as long as the Washington Football Team name. ( Which btw....I liked more)

The name Commanders sucks. There's no way I can sugercoat that.

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Anything the Snyders put their hands on has gone to trash. The team uniforms right now are not consistent with each other. Tanya Snyder needed not design anything when it comes to football uniform design. I puke everytime I see them. 

The Commanders name is rediculous. The remaining names for the team were rediculous. 

Why not call the team the Washington Wolves and build from there. The branding and marketing for a name like that would be near endless. 

I literally have no love for the Commanders and I have no love for Rivera and company. I like some of the players off the team, but this team really has no identity. 

Loathe. That about sums up where I feel. 

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The double lines here is awful. I like the idea of a black uniform, but I don't like any of this extra crap added. It ruins the whole uniform. 



The DC Flag on the should looks terrible. The Commanders logo with the double lines is not centered and just looks like it was not well thought about. I hate the numbers on the side of the helmet. If a Commander actually had a decent logo other than the W, then put it there. Would have had a white or gold stripe on the helmet with the numbers in the front on either side of the line, or have the line have a break and bring the numbers into the break. 

There was just so many ways they could have gone with these uni's and they went down the sewage drain instead.  


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So take this for what its worth.

As long as Dan Snyder is no longer owner, they can call them whatever they want, my healing process would have begun. 

I would prefer for Redskins to be reinstated as the name of the franchise but that is never going to happen in today's world. My choice out of the "options" that were presented was the Red Wolves. I would prefer they go that route if a rebrand happens again.

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Change the name to the fans' favorite, Red Wolves. Upgrade the uniforms with some of those awesome ideas related to the name. The new owner gets himself a real GM to restart the whole process, hopefully our former draft guru. Let him hire an up and coming offensive minded HC. Draft a QB in the first round, and draft linemen, linebackers and cornerbacks. Trade away any expensive players not pulling their worth, even our 1st pick two seasons ago and last year's 1st pick. Start fresh and win the area and it's fans back to the team. Really want to win the fans back, build the new stadium with your own money! The fans we love the new owner for years just for that!

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No, but we’re likely stuck with it as others have said. I thought they should’ve done a fan poll & I’m sure Red Wolves would’ve won. It should be our name, the atmosphere would be better, the jerseys could be cooler & other cool things could be done with a name like that. Plus, they could market it well to the youth & actually gain a new age bracket which they’ve been losing for decades. But no, Jason lied and acted like this is the name fans chose, BS!

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15 minutes ago, naptownskinsfan said:

Would the NFL allow yet another rebrand?  At this point, it would be setting a precedent beyond an “offensive” name and I am not sure that the owners would approve it.  

It could happen so long as the application is submitted on time. And remember, the Commanders were WFT for 2 years before they were the Commanders. So it can happen. 

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