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Have we ever done a proper rebuild since having Mr Snyder as owner??


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8 hours ago, lavar703 said:

Nope. We sorta started to with Scot McCloughan and then they fired him. 

Not even with McCloughan. I’m still not sure why McCloughan gets so much hype, his 2016 off-season was awful for us. Under McCloughan we had Kirk - who he wanted to keep but not pay $20 plus mil a year or trade - so we couldn’t do a total rebuild with Kirk on your roster along w/ Trent, Kerrigan, Garcon, DJax, VD & Reed.

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5 hours ago, Thaiphoon said:

Nope. We desperately need to do it though. Retool, rebuild. All we're doing is patching the Titanic each year

Whats disappointing is we’ve had so many chances. I guess the closest thing we had to a true rebuild was Marty in 2001 but then Marty was fired after just 1 year. 

Spurrier & Gibbs sure didn’t, Gibbs had a chance but he traded for Mark Brunnell instead of just rolling with Patrick Ramsey & then since he didn’t like what he saw out of Ramsey in 04, he then would’ve drafted JCam to compete w/ Ramsey & a vet that we didn’t trade a 3rd & give a large contract for in 2005. 

Shanahan kinda did in 2011 after Dan/Bruce’s McNabb plan failed in 2010. Shanahan in 2011 did the Grossman/Beck thing which led us to trading up for RG3.

Then, Rivera had a chance in 2020 but he saw the opportunity to win an awful division when the Eagles were worse than expected bc of injures & Dak broke his ankle. So, that was ruined bc Haskins was benched, Kyle Allen broke his ankle - one which may have landed us w/ 5 or less wins - but when Alex Smith took over, he led us to 5 straight wins & a 5-2 finish to win the division at 7-9. 😂 

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