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BDL 2022 Week 7 - Death Valley Nightmare @ Camden Hood Rats


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BDL 2022 Week 7

Match:   Death Valley Nightmare @ Camden Hood Rats

 Away Owner: @wwhickok

Home Owner:  @Jlash

 Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Death Valley Nightmare

Offensive Starting Lineup

QB: Lamar Jackson
RB:  Derrick Henry
WR1: Jerry Jeudy
WR2:  Michael Gallup
WR3(Slot):  Devin Duvernay
TE: Tyler Conklin
LT:  Penei Sewell
LG: Jonah Jackson
C : Creed Humphrey
RG:  Alex Cappa
RT:  Andrew Wylie


RB: Breece Hall
WR: Darnell Mooney
WR: Corey Davis
TE: Dawson Knox
TE: Zach Gentry
OT: Morgan Moses
OG: Kevin Dotson
😄 Conner McGovern

Defensive Starting Lineup

LE: Lorenzo Carter
DT: Leonard Williams
DT: Cam Heyward
RE: Brian Burns
LOLB: Jordan Hicks
MLB: Bobby Wagner
ROLB: Zaven Collins
CB1:  Chidobe Awuzie
CB2: Carlton Davis
FS: Xavier McKinney
SS:  Jevon Holland


DT: Javon Hargrave
DT: Calais Campbell
DE:  Dorance Armstrong
LB: Cody Barton
CB: Anthony Brown
CB: Cam Dantzler
NB:  Byron Murphy
S: Vonn Bell






QB- Matt Stafford
RB- Austin Ekeler
WR- AJ Brown
WR- Cooper Kupp
WR- Mike Evans
TE- David Njoku
LT- Dion Dawkins
LG- Will Hernandez
C- Ben Jones
RG- Kevin Zeitler
RT- Isaiah Wynn

RB- Damien Harris
RB- JD McKissic
WR- Nico Collins
WR- Terrace Marshall Jr
TE- Gerald Everett
OL- Chuks Okorafor
OL- Ethan Pocic
QB- Justin Fields


DE- Josh Allen
DT- A’Shawn Robinson
DT- Andrew Billings
DE- Montez Sweat
LB- Drue Tranquill
LB- Frankie Luvu
CB- L’Jarius Sneed
CB- Asante Samuel Jr
NB- CJ Gardner-Johnson
S- Justin Simmons
S- Jaquan Brisker

DE- Yannick Ngakoue
DE- Boye Mafe
LB- Deion Jones
DL- Osa Odighizuwa
DL- Davon Godchaux
CB- Bryce Callahan
CB- Greedy Williams
S- Amani Hooker

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Death Valley

Motivation: Death Valley has been overlooked and undervalued lately. I'm got a chip on our shoulder and I'm going to take it out on Camden.


•  Establish the running game with Derrick Henry, Breece Hall and Lamar Jackson
•  Quick chain moving passes
• Utilize Play Action
•  Protect the quarterback

Going back to what we do best. Power running, Derrick Henry and Breece Hall will split carries and we will mix in Jackson on some designed runs.

I am going to try to establish long methodical drives but Im more concerned with successful execution.

I will be running 3WR sets, 2 TE sets, and 2 RB sets in this game.  I will occasionally split Hall out into the slot to create a 4 Receiver formation. I want to use quick passing over the middle.

On 3rd down I'll use a more 2 RB sets to help chip defenders after the snap while also providing safety outlets out of the backfield for Lamar to get the ball to if there isnt an option downfield

Back to our passing game, I am going to take shots down the field when they present themselves but the bulk of our passing game is going to be short and intermediate passes, slants, in/out routes, curls, angles, post routes, screen and wheel routes out of the backfield and seam and tight end specific seam routes.

I also want to utilize Play Action to try to catch the defense off guard and possibly overpursuing or out of position.

It is going to be vital to this game that our Oline sticks to their gap blocking assigments to help keep the pocket clean.

I plan to rotate in the bench WRs to keep guys fresh, Mooney will see rotation time as an outside receiver and in the slot.

I also want to put a few 'Deebo-Esque'  Jet Sweeps with Devin Duvernay in this game.


This week I'm doing something that I probably should have done a long time ago. My team is officially switching to a 4 - 3 Defense. I will run subpackages through the game based on offensive formaton/peronnel

• Blitz Stafford early and often to disrupt the passing game
• Use stunts along the defensive line to get pressure
• Use Man coverage against the Wide Receivers coupled with deep safety coverage
•  Limit the  Running game

I want to do disrupt the passing game enough that Stafford is not able to take his time in the pocket and and make accurate throws. I want to force mistakes as often as possible.

One big plus about this offense I am facing Is that we do not have to concern ourselves with a mobile quarterback this week. I intend to consistently rush 4 players against Matthew Stafford, at times 5.

In the secomdary I want to run mostly zone coverage in this game with one single high safety

I am confident in my corners enough that I do not feel it's necessary to shadow any wide receiver with a specific corner.

Jevon Holland and Bobby Wagner will be our swiss army knives this week. I intend to habe Holland and Wagner play multiple roles this week.

Holland will have four key roles this week.

•  Dropping into deep half coverage splitting the field with McKinney while we rush four and play man underneath .
• Moving into a robber role from either a deep coverage or from a fake blitz role to defend crossing routes with McKinney in Single High.
• Blitzing to add a fifth rusher
• Manning up on the RB Running back so Wagner can blitz or drop into a robber role.

The idea is to throw mulitiple looks at stadfoed and force turnovers.

When blitzing I without Holland in deep coverage I will have the CBs in zone coverage.

I plan to to have a healthy rotation along the defensive line to keep guys fresh. Armstrong will see time on 3rd down as a pass rush specialist.

When the OLBs are not blitzing they will play the shallow flat zone against the run and pass.

The safeties will rotate in off the bench occassionally to keep the starters fresh.







This week we go up against a DV squad who always seems to be adding pieces to that defense and this week was no different. They’ve got strong pieces all over the board so we’ve gotta be varied to move the ball.

Attack the DB’s- DV loses their #1 CB for this week so that may ding their game plan a little bit. We’re always going to throw the ball no matter what, but when a team loses a good defender it only fuels the fire. We’ll use our usual motion, and if DV is going heavy zone again we’ll run lots of option routes to find their soft spots, and run a decent amount of flood concepts to overwhelm their zones. If they man up we like running rub routes and crossing patterns for quick ways to get the ball in our WR’s hands. If running a lot of man, we’ll flex Njoku out a bunch to get their LB’s or S in a bad matchup.

Test those ILB’s in coverage- DV just added Bobby Wagner and has Zaven Collins as their ILB’s. We all know Wagner is still a great run defender but we want to test both of them in coverage today. Between Ekeler, Njoku and Everett we think we have 3 guys who can work their part of the field and all 3 have the advantage in that department in our eyes. Expect lots of angle routes from Ekeler that put him right in that ILB zone, and if in actual zone coverage, Njoku will work that part of the field like crazy in hopes of either LB’s coverage assignment means picking him up. We expect lots of LB blitzes from DV, so this would be a huge counter to that issue for us. If we can burn them once or twice they’ll slow down, or…they won’t…and we can keep attacking that area.

Aggressive tempo- DV brings some big bodies on their front line, so we’d like to try to wear them out a little bit by playing with a more aggressive tempo this game. We aren’t going full on arena league go go mode but we’ll definitely have a few drives each half where we go no huddle the whole drive and look to sustain it. The hope is as the game goes on some of this big bois can be moved a little easier and attack a little slower. We’ll run delays and screens as another way to test the integrity of this defensive line. We know DV can be aggressive, so whatever we can do to use the aggression against them, the better.

Run game/protection- These facets go hand in hand for us today. DV brings a stout front and good run stuffing LB’s, so like mentioned in previous game plans and in earlier parts of this particular game plan we’ll use our RB’s to help protect, misdirect and wear down this defensive front. We’ll use combo blocks in the ground attack to help put our RB’s better positions to get chunk yardage. If we can use this aspect to keep them honest, and from time to time help keep Stafford upright then that will be huge for opening up other opportunities for us.

Fields package- We're gonna toss this fool our here in some Taysom Hill type situations. He's 230 lbs with 4.4 wheels so from time to time we're gonna line him up in shotgun, bring in another TE and run the ball and see if we can catch DV out of position. If they're selling out completely to stop the run, he'll pull up and toss a short pass here or there. Won't be a big part of the plan, but we'll run him out there 5-6 times.


Defense (Cover 1 robber base)

DV will undoubtedly come into this week with a chip on his shoulder, and their squad is one of the better running teams in the league so we have to craft something that won’t allow them to just tee off.

Robber- This week we like our Cover 1 as our base coverage shell, because it will allow Jaquan Brisker to be a free player in our defensive scheme who can help against Henry/Hall/Jackson in the running game. Briskers proven adept already at being a force around the line be it in run stopping or blitzing off the edge so that’s what he’ll be asked to do today from our base shell. He’ll toggle between the occasional blitz off the edge and spying Lamar on passing downs to just blasting him on RPO plays when in the robber role.

Cover 1- We’ll use the cover 1 predominantly today for reasons previously mentioned as it gives us an extra defender to combat DV’s strengths, but we intend to mix in a couple other shells from time to time to keep Lamar guessing. DV values the short passing game for Lamar and we think jumping from the Cover 1 man scheme to Cover 2 zone scheme or press cover 3 every once in a while could lead Jackson into some errant quick throws where he doesn’t see a defender patrolling a zone he’s about to throw a quick pass into. We don’t necessarily fear Lamar’s deep game accuracy so if he wants to focus on that more, we welcome it as it’s playing into his own weakness and won’t change our coverages much.

Run game- This is a big part of DV’s games, as it’s some of the strongest parts of his roster. Should he go dual-back action power run game for large parts of the game we’ll bring our NB off the field and bring Deion Jones in for another athletic run defender. We’ll undoubtedly stay in our base shell much more often if this is the case as it gives us a ton of players to combat this. If DV starts flexing Hall out, Brisker can follow and Jones/Luvu become the new robber. In regards to Lamar taking off and running, Sweat and Allen are strong run defenders on the edge who will maintain their lanes today and won’t get sucked inside and give Jackson a free edge to take off on. We think this combined with someone spying him in those situations should help us contain him.

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to be honest, DV's defensive plan is a mess

They want to blitz early and often, but then mentione only sending four guys and just sometimes 5

They want to play man but then play mostly zone , in a cover three I'm guessing with single high safety (i feel like you forgot to delete this part)


Regardless of that

Lamar is gonna hit a couple scramble drill shots but he's also going to take some negative plays with a subpar RT forcing him left more than he wants.  Run game will be ok, successful some, not some as Camden geared up to stop it.


In the end I think there's just a couple more playmakers and Davis being down really hurts DV here.  Give me the home team

Camden 24-20

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I'm trying to get someone else's opinion on DV's defensive discrepancies. He's probably explaining something poorly and if I can figure out what I think it is it'll help. Trying to do it without asking DV so it isn't possible new info. I get some of it but it seems something is missing in the explanation.

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5 minutes ago, Daniel said:

Someone remind me what we do with players who get injured the weekend before the match? Do we just pretend that they aren’t?

So, if they are injured during a game the week before a bye, we assume they'd be playing this week.

If they're injured and inactive, then they're out.

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11 minutes ago, Ragnarok said:

So, if they are injured during a game the week before a bye, we assume they'd be playing this week.

If they're injured and inactive, then they're out.

Ok. That made me go DV. I don’t see how you stop a rushing attack of Breece Hall, Derrick Henry, and Lamar Jackson behind a decent OL.

Camden has an absolutely stupid stacked group of receivers, but give me the team that can absolutely dominate time of possession.

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I think splitting carries actually brings down Henry's effectiveness some. He's a bellcow that needs to be fed and expecting him to come in and out during a drive is doable but I'm just going off having watched him for the last few years and how he wouldn't really get into a rhythm when other backs were rotating in. I think DV does a good job controlling the clock, but Camdens passing game comes up with a few big plays that make the difference.

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I hate doing this, because Camden had a lot of players who had strong weeks and it drives me nuts when my guys play well and people vote against me anyways. But:

1. I think DVN's offensive plan is excellent. I see them having a lot of success in the ground game and I think they covered themselves well in pass protection with chipping defenders.

2. I don't trust Stafford against pressure right now. Just don't. 8 interceptions this year!! That's worse per-pass than when he led the league in picks last season. He's been abysmal and I think DVN gets loads of hits and sacks on him in this game. At the same time, yeah, I agree the "consistently send 4 and sometimes 5" thing doesn't make sense with the rest of the gameplan.

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This was another tough one for me and I mostly agree with Blue and I love DVs run game and switch to the 4-3. They'll have better guys on at all times and better depth. I also think Henry could have been used more but this week with Hall I'm fine with it. Camden is the better team IMO but DV did a great job on O with his gameplan and his D lineup-wise looks better than before.


Now on D it seemed contradictory about blitzing often but having a 4 man rush in a 4-3 being the usual. That isn't really blitzing. I think I understand what is coming across without BS covering everything at once. Close game but DV does a bit more on O to win.

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