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The Good, the Bad, the Raiders finally showed up vs. Houston (Post-game Chat)


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2 minutes ago, agarcia34 said:

To put anything in the good category with Josh Jacobs would be an insult to Josh Jacobs




I think Carr played solid. Stepped up into his TD throw and played off the play action well. 

defense played poorly largely the secondary gave up critical play after critical play. 

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Didn't see the game but happy for the win. Games in the Northbay were so interesting (not) I didn't watch any. Shocking being so close to Oakland that the Raiders weren't on TV here. So I will watch no football this week. Good job NFL, media networks and whoever makes those decisions. Won't be getting Sunday ticket, will be doing other things. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks.

The Good: WIN and I guess Jacobs from others comments.

The bad: Sounds like Defense needs work

UGLY: Whoever picks what games to air...YOU'RE FIRED!!! 

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OL once Munford was in


Special teams

Not a ton of penalties 



It was Houston



We made Davis Mills look like a legitimate starting QB for 3 1/2 quarters

Without the INT return, we played the Houston Texans in a 1 score game that was very winnable for them 

Graham still being our DC

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