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Bigger surprise


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I’m going B. I could have bought a decline (finally) for Brady and Aaron. Wilson showed signs of it last season, but yeah, this is far more drastic than I thought. I could buy it though 

I’d have laughed the other three (B) options out the room if you told me in August it would be like this 

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You could predict the original. Brady’s team is absolutely decimated with injuries and is adjusting to a new coach. Rodgers lost his number 1 receiver and last year he had serious issues with zoning in on his favorites. Russell was overhyped to begin with and Denver’s offense was just not better than Seattle’s so there was a lot of wishful thinking 


I don’t think anyone reasonably expected Geno Smith to be one of the better QB’s this year. He’s top 10 in yards and touchdowns, he’s top 3 in passer rating right after Mahomes and Allen, and he’s leading the league in completion percentage. Oh and he has a team everyone thought was tanking and is not only leading the division but on one of the only two non NFC East teams that are above .500 in the conference. 

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B and it's not close.  Brady falling off a cliff is overdue, a lot of people expected the AFCW to be oversold as a powerhouse division, and Rodgers is a legit surprise.

But I would have bet all my money against Danny Dimes being a good QB, I don't think many people expected Geno Smith to even start, and Jalen Hurts as a good QB, I could maybe believe, but Hurts as a legit MVP candidate?  Nah, you lost me.

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